Veggie Breakie Ideas

egg omelet

No meat, no problem start your day off right with these veggie breakfast ideas. Whether you wanting something sweet or something for a hearty feast, there is plenty for every mood.

fried rice, beans, and tea with knife and fork

A Full Meat-Free Breakfast

Scrambled, fried or poached, tuck into a protein packed meat-free breakie with all the trimmings is a great way to start your day, right the way though till lunch.

person pouring syrup on pancake

Pancake Stacks 

When your caving something sweet, there is nothing better than to have pancakes for breakfast or brunch, especially when they are thick, fluffy american kind.

shallow focus photography of waffles with raspberries

Waffles Instead Of Pancakes

If you still want something sweet, but don’t fancy pancakes then waffles are a great, tasty alternative. Add either syrup or fresh whip cream, with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. 

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Healthy Smoothie

For those times when you are in need of something fuss-free and convenient, blend you favourite fruit and a handful of super greens to make an easy and nutritious breakfast smoothie. Water, coconut water or milk (oat milk is super yummy in a breakfast smoothie and can be used to get that desire consistency) lastly pop a fresh strawberry on top and garnish with flakes of almonds to give a bit of texture. Simple!


avocado shake on glass cup

What’s Your Favourite Veggie Breakfast?

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