Hangover-Free Summer Mocktail So Good You Won’t Miss The Booze

With these summer hot day and beautiful evenings calls for refreshing booze-free mocktails, with a good book or  a banging playlist full of those sunshine jams. 

No breakfast, lunch or dinner is complete without a well-stocked bar that everyone can enjoy because there’s no alcohol.

Whether your taking a break from alcohol or just not at all into it, these summer spritzes won’t disappoint. And for those who go crazy for a piña colada come summertime, this is a great hangover-free happy hour that you’ll be able to get on board with. 

ice in clear drinking glass with ice cubes and sliced lemon

Homemade Lemonade

A classic homemade cloudy thirst-quencher that everyone can enjoy on a hot summer’s day, made with fresh juicy lemons. With it’s tangy, refreshing citrus notes the lemonade cordial will make for a great midday pick-me-up for the kids and adults alike. 

orange juice with green leaves on clear drinking glass

Orange & Rhubarb Spritz

Sip on this alcohol-free orange and rhubarb without the banging headache & regret. This fruity number is prefect to drink while you’re waiting to plate up the bbq food and you won’t miss the booze.

Here is a great recipe to make the rhubarb syrup.

clear cocktail glass filled with brown liquid

Ginger, Peach & Lime Mocktail

Sweet and subtly spiced with ginger shavings, this ginger & peach blend packs a punch & will go down lovely with a lemony pasta salad or a breakfast bowl piled up with super juicy berries.

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