Weekly Wants: Lingerie You Acutally Want To Wear

Whether you favour the loyal granny pants or a lacey number that probably going reall far up to you know where, then i’ve got you covered (Quite litteraly, full comfy briefs all round) this february.

Eventhough we love the idea of slipping into a slinky, sexy lingerie (just like they do in the movies), as valentines day approaches, let’s be totally honest to ourselves, we’ve probably been wearing the same loungewear on repeat for the past 10 months; so suggest we think more aout comfort than we do about our sex appeal. 

womens black lace bra on white paper

Comfort doesn’t have to be boring when it comes to looks! We have come along way since the times of M&S black briefs with sexy, soft and seamless underwear that feels like a second skin. The options are endless and we are definitely spolit for choice. 

Savy instagram brands are paving the way for comfort + colour + cuteness in the knicker department, offering a range of styles, coverage and comtemporary designs that fits the priorities of modern women. 

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