24 Things To Celebrate In Decemeber! The Most Festive and Magical Month Of The Year

December is by far the best month as the festive spirit is in full flow, whilst getting the chance to discover new and exciting activities, events and attractions. Whether you decide to venture outside or stay in and take a homely day, I’ve got a list of things to do during December.

  1. Go to your local town light switich on.
  2. Visit a christmas market.
  3. Get out all of your christmas tree and decorations down the loft/basement and decorate your christmas tree.
  4. Go on a wintery walk.
  5. Get your skates on and book yourself or a group skate session.
  6. Book your tickets and head to the theatre and watch a pantomime – you can’t bet a good laugh and a chance to release your inner child.
  1. Have a christmas movie marathon – is it even christmas if you haven’t watched Home Alone or Elf a least once during the lead up to christmas.
  2. Set aside an evening for a self-care night.
  3. Bake festive treats. [Festive fruit tarts]
  4. Shop small – Okay, we all love Amazon for its convenience, but remember to look after the little independent shops, as there’s always something meaningful about browsing the shops in our local area and then sending them to your loved ones.
  5. Take a picture with the Santa.
  6. Host a gingerbread house decorating party.
  7. Buy an ulgy christmas jumper.
  8. Book yourself a nail appointment and get christmas nails.
  9. Do random acts of kindness.
  1. Prepare a festive breakfast.
  2. Take a step back and reflect on the year.
  3. Play lots of board games with the family or your friends.
  4. Create the ultimate christmas playlist.
  5. Go all out and slip every seasonal drinks at your local coffee shops.
  6. Shop for the coziest and the most christmas-y pyjamas.
  7. Wear something sparkly.
  8. Make a festive punch.
  9. Hang up your stockings.

What will you be getting up to during December? Free feel to share how you celebrate the lead-up to christmas…

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