10 Overnight Hair and Beauty Tricks

We all need our beauty sleep, but if your someone who is wants to be pampered while they’re snoozing, then i’ve got you covered. Here are 10 easy trips and trick to keep yourself looking your best when you you wake up. From using leave-in conditioner overnight t wake up with luscious lock to tricks for minimizing bag under the eyes. 

1. Apply hand cream just before bed

Your hands go through a lot during the day and can also get forgotten in your nightly beauty regime. Simple apply a generous amount of hand cream – use some gloves to avoid you bed sheets getting messy, and you’ll wake up to silky soft hands. Same can be don’t to your feet and pop a pair of sock on.

2. Leave conditioner in your hair 

To nourish your hair overnight, simply apply a leave-in conditioner – i tend to use ‘Garnier Ultimate Blends Nourishing Banana And Shea Butter Hair food’. The longer you leave the conditioner in, your hair has extra time to soak in moisture it needs. You may find that your hair is a little greasy, if so rinse with lukewarm water to seal the follicles.  

3. Minimise bag under the eyes by sleeping on your back

Do you like sleeping on your stomach or side, well it might be time to switch things up.  Sleeping on your back can help to reduce facial lines and bags under you eyes. 

5. Sleep on silk pillowcases

Cotton pillowcase can cause hair break and frizz, where silk pillowcases can help to reduce split ends. It’s also been said that they help to minimise those annoying lines you find on your face in the morning, which can lead to wrinkles. 

6. Apply tea tree oil to make spots disappear overnight

Fed up of those pesky pimples rasing their ugly head? Well fear no more! Just dab some tea tree oil onto the pimple – the natural disinfection properties will reduce redness without stripping your skin’s natural oils.  

7. Exfoliate lips then lip balm

Applying lip balm throughout the day can sometimes be pointless, as you probably gonna lick your lick your lips or touch you mouth a lot more when your awake. But by exfoliating your lips with an old toothbrush and then apply your favourite lip balm to wake up to soft lips.

8. Remove every tiny bit of your make-up

Whether you’ve been on a night out or had a long day at work, removing your makeup is the last thing you want to do before crashing into bed, but make sure be strict with yourself. If makeup is left on the skin can attract blemishes, causing bacteria. 

9.Keep hair off your face

It’s time to get the high bun out. By keeping your hair away from you face while your sleep, will prevent your skin from breaking out. 

10.Get a full eight hours of sleep

Make sure to get at least eight hours every night, and to stop yourself from looking at screens an hour before you go to bed for a stress-free slumber. 

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