Skincare Review | Balanceme Natural Skincare

Me being a complete skincare junky, i am alway on the look to try any new brand or ranges. I do believe that skincare is on of those things that we all must pay attention to. There isn’t any point in spending lot’s of money on makeup to cover up our skin if we aren’t spending money in order to make sure that our skin in up to scratch underneath it. I received this flash cleanse micellar water, but Balanceme brand is stocked in boots, and is one that i am often drawn to because of there whole brand being around everything natural. 

Amongst the collection, there are repair serums, face moisturisers, plumping mist, cream cleansers, micellar waters, face oils, face wash, eye cream and face balm. I would definitely say that i more of a “cream cleanser” girl. As i feel that a cream and a muslin cloth cleanse the skin much more thoroughly than water on a cotton pad. However, since the more recent hot weather {which has now seen to of left us for the more typical British climate – rain and grey skies} i do often find myself reaching for the water cleansers in the morning, just a instant pick me up and a nice morning boost. I’ve have tried many water cleanse besides this one, so i can’t really say it’s my favourite, but it’s still a lovely product. The main that i meant by it not being my favourite was that i didn’t find it be good at removing make up. But nevertheless, it’s great for skin boost, but removing make up {even a light coating of make up} it took a lot of cotton pads and left my feeling a little oily. 

Overall i was impressed with the product i have tired. I think i will have to pop into boots and have a little look at the other items in the range, the face balm and hyaluronic plumping mist sound really interesting.

Have you tired anything from the Balanceme range? Anyone tried the hyaluronic plumping mist or face balm?

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