12 Ways To Organise Your Desk At Home

Now that we have found ourselves in another national lockdown, we are going to be spending alot more time at our home office workspace. So by having an organised desk will not only look more inviting, but will hopefully motivate you to get more done. Plus you won’t have to clear paper piles or junk out of you way to make it happen.

Most people prefer less cluttered life, but find it hard to know where to start. A cluttered life makes for a cluttered mind!

So instead of just cleaning the top of your workspace and putting everything in junk drawers, why not organise with pegboards, DIY origanisers and colour-coordinated dividers. I have put together 12 desk orgainsation ideas that are simple yet highly effective way to tidy.

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  1. Hange a shelf over your desk- This is a cleaverway to expand your workspace that makes extra room to store tech iteams, books or artwork.
  2. Pegboard decor- Pegboards are ugly looking things, but by customising it with wire baskets, shelves and cup holders can turn it into a work of art that loks pleasing to the ey and useful at the same time.
  3. Have a To-Do list on hand- Still a fan of pen and paper, so make sure you never run out writing space by attaching a peel-and-stick chalkboard tape straight form your desk. Then simply jot down your note with a chalk pen and when you’ve done then wipe ’em away.
  4. Turn you paper clutter into decor-  Do you have old postcard or add notes stacked on your desk. Why not tack then on to your wall next to your favourite art pieces to create a fun display. 

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5. Hang up your pinboard- Did you think a bulletin board are just for school….well your wrong. Pinboards can really help you and your family to stay organised and keep the reminders within eyesight. 

6. Use drawer dividers- We all have that one draw in the house that only consist of junk. So why not conquer your junk with an assortment of acrylic organisers and keep all your notes, businesses cards and flash drives in there own specific compartment that make it easy to gab and go. 

7. Have every accessories off to one side- While every work desk needs a lamp, pencil cup and other knickknacks, but keeping everything out on display can make it difficult to get work done. 

8. Organisation station- Do you alway find yourself moaning about never having enough space on top of your desk, well i may have sorted that out for you. Have you ever thought about putting a small corkboard on the wall and keep your calendar, schedule or to-do list in eye view. 

Also if you hate having so many pen pots, way not fill up mason jars with all your office supplies and place them on the wall, attached to a rustic plank of wood. 

9. Optimizing your storage space-  Having access to hooks, cubes and baskets can help you keep the clutter off your workspace to have plenty of room. So don’t just rely on your desk itself to keep your home office orgainsed.

black 2-light torchiere beside brown wooden-top desk with black steel frame

10. Change up your office lighting- One obvious way to save on surface space is to use an adjustable floor lamp instead of a traditional desk lamp.

11. One in, One out- Sticking by the ‘one in, one out’ rule can be easier said than done, but by only hanging on to things that spark joy can actually prevent your desk from becoming the cluttered spot of your house.

12. Pegboard wall-  Bored of juts having floating shelves, another way that can add a fun yet functionality to your office by adding a pegboard wall. 

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