How To Start Boosting Your Mental Health – Starting With Today!

*Before i get into this post i want to say, please don’t ever feel discouraged if what i have mentioned in this post hasn’t improved your mood, then remember everyone is an individual and mental health isn’t just ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’, so if something doesn’t work, more on and try another technique or treatment.*

Are you wanting to boost your mental health?? Well, you will be happy to know that it’s very simple to do. Something as little as changing up your day can turn your mood around for the better. 


The first thing you need to do is make sure you are speaking about yourself and you are feelings to someone, as this gives you the chance to get whatever it is off your chest. If your not feeling comfortable to speak with close friend or family, then there are many anonymous services out there, that will connect you with someone who you can talk to. Please don’t feel like your alone, because trust me you aren’t. There’s help out there, so take advantage of it. 


Staying active can do absolute wonders for your self-esteem, as well as helping you to concentrate much more and keep your brain healthy. It can also help you to sleep better; so if your experiencing sleeping problems then this might be the key. Exercise doesn’t have to be running or walking, instead yoga and pilate are just some of the many other forms of exercise that can help to get you motivated. Tip: Set yourslf acheiveable daily challenges. 


Eating well is super important and key in keeping not only your physical, but also your mental health in tip top form too. Remember, your brain need a large variety of nutrients to stay healthy and keep running at 100%.

If you are finding it hard to make sure that your diet is the best it can be, then why not look up diet plans online or use an app to help to inform you how many vitamins and nutrients your getting with every item of food. This can really help you to make a more postive change long term. 


Do you find yourself turn to alcohol when your feeling depressed, lonely, sad, unhappy, stressed, anxious, fearful?? The main thing to remember he is that the numbing effect and mood booster is only temperary. If your wanting to help yourself and staying healthy, then why not try making your own smoothies, they are both a tasty treat and a good way to be healthy or if thats too much hassel then drinking 8 glasses of water will also help to boost your mood. 

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What are your tips on how you stay healthy and boost your mental health? Please share your tips in the comments below.

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