7 April Fool Pranks That Will Get The Whole Family Laughing

As April Fool’s Day is fast approaching, I thought I would include some easy and harmless fun pranks that are perfect for a parent to play on their kids and that will get the whole family laughing! Here are 10 easy April Pranks that you can play on your kiddos at home this year.

April Fools' Day Pranks That Will Get the Entire Family Laughing | Martha  Stewart

Coloured Milk Prank

A blue, red or green cow…..WHAT!! Change the colour of the milk with food colouring the night before, then serve your kid’s breakfast with a colourful new addition. The longer you keep it up with a straight face, the better the joke gets.

TP The Room Prank

You might be thinking, What A Mess! Toilet paper your kids bedroom as they sleep, and make sure to have a camera ready for when they wake up.

Upside Down Prank

Turn your whole house or just one room upside down – photos, toys, furniture, really anything that works. Turn the things upside down the night before, for the best results but this does depend on how to observe your kids are, as it could take a few minutes for them to notice.

Garage Sale Prank

Everything For Sale? Design a For Sale Sign and display it in the front garden. Place print flyers that say April Fools in a box. Watch your neighbours go crazy!

Extremely Fast Growth Shoe Prank

That’s right OUCH! Simply stuff a little toilet paper in the ends of your kid’s shoes, then watch them think that their feet have grown super fast overnight. Just look at their reactions…What a funny prank for the kids! and the parent too.

Cearal Switch Prank

Switch the cereal bags within their boxes and see how long it takes for the kids to find their favourites. And also wait for them to shout out “WHERE’S MY RICE KRISPIES?”, “WHERE’S MY COCO POPS?”.

Insect Infestation Prank

Gross! Bu realistic toy files and spiders, then hide them in your family’s lunches and if you have left over fake insects, you could start to invade the entire room in your house.

What’s your april fools prank going to be this year? Share in the comments below…..

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