Why Are We Still Shocked When Celebrities Show Us Their Wrinkles, and Aren’t Ashamed To Show Signs Of ‘Ageing’?

So why are still shocked when celebrities show us their wrinkles and aren’t ashamed to show signs of ‘ageing’? When we see women in full HD who have happily allowed themselves to right-age their looks without the need of having fillers and Botox…..we can’t seem to compute it.

The hottest topic on most people’s minds is ageing. Celebrities ageing. And on my mind, is my ageing. See Sarah Jessica Parker frown and whip out her reading glasses to read the menu in the new released Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That and Cameron Diaz’s crow’s feet freaks us out a little bit.

Why All The Fuss Over Cameron And Drew's Candid Snap? | British Vogue

Before I go in any deeper into this blog, I want to take a minute to acknowledge the privilege of ageing and continuing to be healthy. My mum died of cancer before she was 50, so these are way more than just saying for the sake of it, it’s axioms that should operate as essential tethers to our day-to-day sanity.

But really, does it stop us all from having a “does not compute” moment, especially when Drew Barrymore lean in for a selfie with Cameron Diaz, and shows the skin in full HD that they are happily allowing themselves to right-age their looks without fillers and Botox? Nope, it doesn’t.

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We have to remind ourselves that interaction with a start like; GenZers – Millie Bobby Brown or Zendaya, millennials like – Jennifer Lawrence or Margot Robbie – when they are in the full beam of their flawlessness. And most of my interactions with myself are in the mirror, or a selfie, and the thing I look at every time, is my “mirror face”, AKA the most flawless version of myself.

I’ve alway thought that this could be a simple act of denial of ageing, when we see celebrities ageing? I can’t imgaine see Ariana Grande will ever get a grey hair or Billie Eilish will embrace her wrinkles, because do we really don’t want to get older?

Of course, that is right, if you think that we’ve made some headway in breaking the impossible beauty standards that have been set by the fashion, wellness and cosmetics industry… you’ll be wrong! As of 2019, the global anti-ageing industry was worth £129 billion and that is set to rise by 2023, as it’s estimated to be worth £306billion.

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People in their 30s tend to want to prevent the fine lines from forming as a result of screen time or frowning. Whereas, people in their 40s just want to look rejuvenated. Prefer very minimal treatments, instead just want a little more refreshed look and to maintain their youthful qualities for as long as possible. But younger people who don’t need to look younger tends to come under the most pressure, either from social media influencer, or reality TV stars, to look like a certain person.

We need to be a lot kinder to ourselves. Age gracefully. There are so many more important issues in the world than trying to stay younger.

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