8 Books That Will Have Your Heart For Breakfast

Create yourself a luxury 5* bath and light your favourite candle, then slip into something comfy and escape into Love – yes I know I’m writing this post about love after Valentine’s Day but hey ho! If you need a romance read then you’ve come to the right place.

From contemporary rom-coms to the celebrated classics – affairs of the heart, childhood sweethearts, passion, tragedy and unrequited love – there is a genre for every type of reader.

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

A romance post-round-up wouldn’t be complete without this greatest romance book that has ever been written. This genre wouldn’t be anything without Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. Absolutely nothing.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

The Notebook: The love story to end all love stories (Calhoun Family Saga) by [Nicholas Sparks]

Can you really say that you are a true Notebook fan if you haven’t read the book? There is no doubt that you’ve bawled your eyes out when you watched the movie on a number of occassions, but the book hit different. Allie and Noah would find each other in any lifetime.

The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald

This novel has a special kind of staying power. Get ready to step back in time to the glamourous jazz age of hedonistic height and heart wrenching tragedy in this Fitzgerald’ beautifully written classic. The Great Gatsby is a compulsory read from one of the most distinguished authors in the history of American literature.

PS I Love You by Cecclia Ahern

There has been well over 25 million copies sold worldwide, PS I love You is classic novel with a bitter and sweet storylines. It really tells you the story of childhood sweethearts Holly and Gerry – an inseparable couple.

But when Gerry dies, Holly is understandably devastated, but Gerry has left her a bundle of notes one for each month of her year, each signed with ‘PS I Love You’.

As holly opens up each notes, the man who she knows better than anyone teach her that life goes on. With some help from her friends and family, Holl laugh, cries and finds out that life is for living – but it helps if there’s someone watching over you.

The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai

The Right Swipe: swipe right on this irresistible romcom by [Alisha Rai]

This is a perfect match but will it last?? That is the question. Rhiannon Hunter may have revolutionised romance in the digital world, but in the real world she only swipes right on her career and also the occassional hookup. The dating app creator controls her love life with a few key rules:

  • Nude pics are by invitation only
  • Protect your hear
  • If someone stand you up, block them

But there aren’t any rules to govern her attraction to her newest match, former sports star Samson Lima. The sexy and seemingly sweet hunk woos her magical night… and then disappears.

Rhi thought she’d buried her hurt over Samson ghosting her, but when he suddenly surfaces months later, still big, still beautiful – and in league with a business rival. He tells her that he won’t fumble their second chance, but she’s wary. A temporary physical partnership is one thing, but a meger of heart? Surely that’s too much of a risk….is it?

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

This Sally Thorne’s novel explores the very thin line between ‘Love and Hate’ and a great treat for anyone who enjoys reading a classic rom-com enemies-to-love storyline.

Joshua Templeman and Lucy Hutton both sit across from each other every day….and hate each other. Not dislike. Not begrudgingly tolerate. HATE. Lucy cannot understand joshua’s uptigth and joyless approach to his job and refusal to smile. Joshua is baffled by Lucy’s quirkiness, desire to be likes and her overly bright clothes.

There’s a promotion and they’re both up for it and lucy who is usually a determined people-pleaser, has had enough: it’s now time to take him down! As the tension between Lucy and Joshua reach boiling point, it’s very clear that the real battle has only just began.

The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary

If you fans of ‘The Switch’ and ‘The Flatshare’, then you are need for real treat. Have you ever wondered what it would happen if you randomly bumped into you ex years post-breakup and had to share an awkward 24-hour car ride with them?? ‘The Road Trip’ explores the trails and tribulations of ‘That’ experience.

Each of the chapters, alternate betwen Addie and Dylan’s point of view, as well as dual timeline that explores the ‘Then and Now’ of their relationship – this is a story of love that was lost and has a second chance. Plus it handles some serious subject matter from, sexual abuse, alcoholism and stalking – it’s grittest of Beth O’Leary books so far.

One Day by David Nicholls

This is a fast, sexy and laugh out loud read. Camille Perri’s gay-girl meets straight-girl rom-com it’s a perfect nod to When Harry Met Sally. The story is about a 28 year old corporate lawyer Katie Daniel’s, who has just been dumped by her fiance and the suited and booted Cassidy Price, her intimidating opposing counsel. First, neither of them know what to make of the other, but soon their unexpected connection will bring into question everything each of them thought they knew about sex and love.

What are you currently reading? And what’s the next one on your reading list?

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