15 Things You Don’t Need To Have Achieved Before You Turn 30!

It’s a crazy idea to think that the world is your oyster but it’s only until you’re 29 that you realise that saying is a load of bull-sh*t. So, please enjoy the following milestones that you DON’T need to have ticked off your list before hitting the big three-zero instead, you just need to be the version of yourself and age doesn’t matter.

When you’ve reached hit the ripe old age of 30 doesn’t mean you have to have all your sh*t together as you head for retirement and about to start walking around with a zimmer frame or never experiencing a Glastonbury festival again. Life isn’t a spirit, it should be just a light jog – just enough so you can break down obstacles that you may find along the way.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s backpacking through Asia, starting a family or getting married – you should only do things when they feel right for you, instead of just doing them because society or the internet made you believe that your twenties are pinnacle of happiness and success. So, please forget the 30 before 30 lists because age is just a number and it shouldn’t stop you from realising and fulfilling your dreams and ambitions.

  1. Have all your sh*t together all of the time. Firstly, if anyone says that they have their sh*t together they are 100%, as every day, week and year present a new opportunity for growth. If everything stayed the same then there’s no room for development.
  2. Travel the world. If you love being a homebody, then be a homebody. Don’t feel like you have to travel to experience a defining moment(s) in your life. Catch up with friends or go on a walk to your favourite park with your favourite people never looks the same. The view is constantly changing, so you can have revolutionary epiphanies in the most ordinary places.
  3. Spend excessive amounts of hours in the gym, just because you don’t want others to think that you’ve let yourself go. Think, are you letting yourself go, or are you letting yourself live??
  4. Should have found your dream job. Never feel like you’ve fail at life just because you having found you dream job. Remember, you don’t have to have you entire career mapped out.
  5. Own your very own property. You should never just do it because you see everyone else’s tweets and Instagram posts.
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  1. Be financially savvy. It doesn’t matter good you are at keeping all of your recipes and organising invoices, and tax returns.
  2. Get Botox to prevent those wrinkles – Yeah sure it prevents the wrinkle ….blah blah blah but your face is your rule. Don’t feel the need to do anything that you’re not comfortable with.
  3. Own your own dog. Ideal you should have a house with a garden and we all know how rare they are.
  4. Can’t make mistakes. No slip-ups must happen once your in the ‘Overs’.
  5. You must have a 5-year plan ready and waiting, LOL! If the last two years are anything to go by, living in the present is all we can do really. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.
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  1. You have to say ‘yes’ to everything. ‘No’ is a complete answer whether you are 20, 30, 40 or beyond.
  2. Going to look like when you did at 18. Be realistic as faces, bodies and skin in general – it all changes.
  3. Start up your own business. Ray Kroc created McDonald’s when he was 52. Take the risk and connect with your entrepreneurial spirit whenever you feel like your soul demands it.
  4. You have to lose weight before your wedding. Remember the dress needs to fit you, instead of you needing to fit the dress.
  5. You have to stop wearing clothes that make you feel happy. Never feel like you have to stop wearing your favourite pair of jeans. Wear what you want. Wear what makes you feel happy.
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  1. Love your body unconditionally. Yeah, that okay to merely accept your body as an ever-changing, fluctuating form. Your body is an instrument, not an ornament.
  2. You need to settle down before you are 30. Whoever said that you have to freeze your eggs and stop living care-free and having fun.
  3. You need to have children. Your are child-free not child-less.
  4. Master the art of cooking. Firstly, if you’ve got a roast dinner or spag bol in the recipe book, then you will go very far. But if you fancy expanding your cooking skills for when you host dinner parties or gatherings, then book in for some classes and have fun with it.
  5. Finally master TikTok. Enjoying it from a far is as good as catching the vibe gets.
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