8 Creative Ways To Appreciate People and Say ‘Thank You’

Saying “Thank you” and showing you appreciation can be difficult, but some things demand a little extra due to the magnitude of the favour or depth of the appreciation involved. Probably the easiest part is deciding that you want to show your appreciation, the hardest part is how to say “Thank you” in a meaningful way?? Sometimes you just have to roll your sleeves up and get a little creative instead of just sending an email or text.

So I thought I would help you out a little and give you 8 creative ways to say “Thank you” whether it’s to your friends or family, and something that they will remember and cherish…

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Create a homemade gift bag

Creating and desiging a homemade gift bag, as well as a custom label or a little note, is a touching and heartfelt way to show you appreciation for a beautiful things you friends and family have done for you.

Customize gift labels

Customizing a personalised thank-you label and fits your personality and that of you friend and family. There are a number of websites that off custom labels, so don’t by put off if you don’t feel like think your creative enough.

Design your own digital greeting card

Whilst emails aren’t always the best way to show your appreciation, a digital greeting card that you spend time and effort into creating the card can brighten up someone else’s day! The custom greet card can also reflect the recipient’s personality and included a short touching message of thank-you for their generosity.

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Assemble a flower basket for someone

It doesn’t matter if the flowers are fresh or artificial, but spending the time to arrange a flower basket for someone, along with a thank-you note is a personal way to brighten up someone’s day and also show your appreciation.

Repay generosity to someone else

The best type of gift is the ones that come from the heart, and the best way to repay a gift is to forward it to someone else. If have a friend or family member who has a special cause that they are passionate about, why don’t you donate in their name or volunteer some of your time to the cause? – this will mean more than a shop brought a box of cupcakes, candles or thank-you notes, as you’re taking your friend’s love and passion for something and spreading it around to others.

Do something special for someone

Give them a day, evening or night to remember. Take them out for dinner, to the cinema and watch a movie they’re been waiting forever for or cook them a homecooked dinner. Tbh, any of these are good options to someone your appreciation and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

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Be there for them

You don’t have to show your appreciation or a thank-you gesture on a grand public spectacle, just by giving them a place to hang out when they feel lonely or to be there to offer them a sympathetic shoulder, really means the world to a person who is needed.

Listen to them

When a family member or friend needs to talk, listen to them – ask them questions when it’s appropriate to do so, but just letting them know that you are there and paying attention to them – it’s a great way to say thank you for the times they have listened to you.

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