10 Spring Nail Inspo To Save For Your Next Set

This spring will be a lot different and so much better than it had been for the past two years. So not only will your nails represent the blooming of spring, flowers and the end of winter, they will reflect your feeling of relief, anticipation and excitement. So after the previous years where the salons have been closed, many of you have probably mastered the art of doing your nails?! But if you are someone who must go, then I time to put those dark nails away…yep, that includes your favourites. Swapping dark, wintery colours with your spring – pastel colours are the ultimate mood-lifers – and what’s even better is that you can use a selection of spring nail colours for easter which is just around the corner, as well as incorporate a bit of nail art if your feeling brave.

You really can’t go wrong with the perfect shade of pink this spring. Trust me, the classic pink french manicure is great for spring. So I thought would go ahead and share some spring manicures in today’s post.

1. @byleah.x: All the pastels. Spring nails are on the way!

2. @opi_professional: Introducing soft and sweet lavender. Nails by @ethanesthetician.

3. @joydumpling: Spring pastel colours.

4. @opi_professional: Pretty pink!

5. @hollymays.nails: Spring we’re ready for you!

6. @allnails._: Spring nails are in full swing now.

7. @nc_nails_company: Meow.

8. @nailsby.hails: Pretty blues.

9. @_nailsbyemmaa_: There’s beauty is simplicity.

10. Daisysssss.

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