Beginners Guide: Makeup Brushes

Being a beginner to makeup can be daunting, especially when it comes to finding the right foundation shade but as well as that you still need makeup brushes and this can very become unnecessarily complicated and expensive. Over the last 12 years, I’ve come across a few useful tips and tricks that I swear by and thought I would share them with you. Hopefully, there are few that will make your makeup experience a little less confusing. 

Starting your own collection of brushes can become quite expensive, so when I’m looking for replacing or adding to my collection, I like brushes that can be used for multiple products

I really recommend you to consider trying some of these following budget-friendly makeup brushes, before taking the leap and buying high-end brushes.  


Concealer Brush

Whether you’re wanting to conceal dark under-eye or bright-red spot, concealer brushes are a perfect choice. They’re great for when are wanting to conceal small, specific areas. Sure a beauty blender or the applicator straight from the concealer fine, but if prefer something that offers a natural, even finish, as well as being little more hygienic, then I would definitely recommend opting for a concealer brush. 

Eyeshadow Brush

An eyeshadow brush is typically small, flat, rounded tip brush. The shape of the brush makes picking up small amounts of powder/cream a lot easier, plus you can also achieve a concentrated and even layer of colour on each eyelid.

Blending Brush

Have you ever applied eyeshadow a little too harshly? Well if you’re applying more than one colour, then go in with a large, fully blending brush. You’ve probably already heard of the cult 217 from MAC Cosmetics – is ideal for smoothing out lines give your eye makeup a more natural blend. 

Powder Brush

Do you have a shiny T-zone or creased under-eyes? Well, let me introduce your new best friend…setting powder! The size of the brush will depend on what area of your face you are wanting to cover. The brushes sizes vary from small to large. It’s soft, fluffy bristles brushes are great for applying setting powder and can ‘set’ both liquid and cream foundations. 

Blush / Bronzer Brush

Bronzer, blush and powder brushes are similar to one another. The dome-liked shaped and long, fluffy bristles brush makes it ideal if you’re wanting to give you skin a natural healthy glow. [Top tip: The fluffier the brush, less product it will pick up.] These kinds of brushes also have multi-uses, but be real who has the time to clean them every single time they have been used!


Beauty Blenders – Okay, I know this beauty blender technically isn’t a brush, but it still a great tool among your stash of brushes. Sponges enable you to achieve a flawless base and a great alternative to a traditional foundation brush. They also work well when applying either a cream or liquid product. You may have already heard a few beauty blender brands, B. Beauty Sponge and Real Techniques Miracle complexion sponge (or the diamond, which an amazing one too). I find that beauty blender is so much better and easier to use, but it takes a little longer than a brush to work their magic.

What’s your go-to brand for brushes? Do you swear by budget-friendly brand or luxray high-end brand? Let me know in the comments below or dm me. 

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