What’s In My Makeup Bag RN.

​Before I go any further I want to say ‘sorry’. I know the last couple of weeks, blog post have been few and far between but unfortunately, work has taken over my life a little more than normal. I’m hoping next week work will be a little lighter, so I’m able to write more for you guys.

Anyways let’s get started, this week I wanted to share what I’ve been trying out recently….and loving. These pieces are my go-to, everyday makeup kinda picks. Some I have been a fan of for a little while, whilst others I’m still the hang of. Never the less, the following are in my makeup bag right now. What can’t you leave the house without? Have you tried any of these before? And what would you recommend me trying next?

GOSH Dextreme Foundation (£9.99):  I’m forever struggling to find a foundation that I love enough to stick with and this time I think I’ve finally found it. I’ve tried both luxury and budget brands, but this time I went for a middle of the range foundation – it’s everything that you want in a foundation….it’s full coverage, lightweight and long-lasting. Yes, it really does go the whole day, so you won’t have to kept re-apply…YAY! What more would you want?!

GOSH Defining Brow Gel (£4.99):  RN i am loving playing around with different brow gels at the moment, and this current favourite. I loove the comb style wand and the fact that it makes getting fuller brows, so easy. If you’re wanting to give something new a try then i would definitely recommend giving this one a go.

GOSH Eyeliner (£): Yep, it’s another one from the GOSH collection. This has become my latest obsession, so I just had to mention it. It’s so soft and creamy, long-lasting and oh yeah….really really easy to wear. I usually opt for a more natural look, but lately, I’ve been enjoying adding a little added touch to my everyday look. This pencil eyeliner is so amazing….not only have I been using it on my eyelids, but I’ve also been using a little on my under eyes…..ideal if you after that dramatic, smokey eye look. 

Ella EDEN Eyeshadow (£12.99): I think i’ve already mention this eyeshadow in a previous blog post a while back, but i’m loving it atm so i thought would go ahead and include it. If you after an eye shadow that will brighten up your makeup, whilst still giving your a natural finish. {p.s. yes i know that i’m not very adventurous with my makeup look} 

Benefit Galifornia Blusher (£26.00): When it comes to blushers i’m extremely picky as I don’t particularly like a high pigmented blusher. Even though this ‘benefit blusher’ looks bright when you apply it, it gives your skin a light peachy, sun-kissed look, whilst also enhancing your cheekbones. 

Revolution Matte Base Powder (£3.00):  When I wearing makeup like foundation, I find that my skin looks so so shiny and I don’t like the dewy look. I’ve been using this matte base powder from the brand Revolution for about 2 months and so far I’m liking it. Not everyone can do dewy, so if prefer a matte look then this base powder will now become your new best friend! It’s so silky-smooth, light-weight and blends so effortlessly into your skin for a natural finish that will keep the midday shine at bay.

Doucce Maxlash Volumizer Mascara (£18.00):  atm I am loving trying out different mascaras. What i loving about this one is comb style wand….i mean, the fact your able to get to those tiny corner lashes, plus the bottom lashes too. It’s also very easy to layer up….Prefect if you like a more dramatic lash look!


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