The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Perfect Bronzer

Like having a sun-kissed glow? Well here in the UK, we are in the thick of the winter months – dark mornings and darker nights – doesn’t leave us with a lot of daylight hours and not much chance of getting a natural sun-kissed glow. But lucky for us, there is a secret weapon that is applying bronzer to our skin, giving us a healthy, sun-kissed glow no matter the time of year, rejuvenating tired-looking skin or contours and defining facial features, also enhancing a natural tan – if you one of the lucky ones, that have taken a trip to a sunny destination.

Where’s to apply bronzer?

Want a healthy sun-kissed glow all year round? Apply a matte bronzing product to your cheeks/cheekbones, along the jawline, across the hairline and forehead – it doesn’t matter whether you use powder or pearls, it is down to the technique that creates the sun-kissed look and also helps to contour your face in a flattering way too. When you apply the bronzer, consider what areas the sun would naturally shine on your face.

If you are after a glowy and dewy appearance that matte bronzing can give then gel bronzing products are great for your face, you can also use them and creams all over your body.

Tips on how to apply bronzer

  1. Carry out your usual morning skin routine – wash, dry and moisturiser.
  2. Then apply your everyday makeupfoundation, concealer and blush.
  3. Whether you using powder or pearls, lightly dust your cheeks, cheekbones and the edges of your face. [Remember bronzer should be the last product to be applied]
  4. Blend the bronzer, by taking the brush in small circles and remove harsh lines. [If you have any excess product, sweep across your chin, neck and nose]

How to choose the right shade for your skin tone?

The first step to finding the perfect bronzer shade for your skin tone, to get a beautiful natural, healthy glow is to choose one that is no more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone. You’ll find a choice of light, medium and dark shades.

Using bronzer on pale skin tones

If your skin tone is fair, then you’ll need to opt for a bronzer with peach or pink neutral – avoid anything with an orange undertone. Also, buildable bronzing pearls at great, as you can apply them lightly and then build and contour to your desired shade of colour.

Remember not to apply too heavily at the start, as you might end up needing to reapply your entire makeup. It’s also a real idea to gently dust across your cheeks and jawline and then continue this method until you’ve gotten your desired colour.

Using bronzer on medium skin tones

If your skin tone is either olive or medium skin tone, you’ll get happy to know that most bronzers will look fab on you! The best bronzers shade would be copper and earthy tones, as these will enhance your natural tan while also opting for rosey undertones, as this will add a gentle flush to your skin.

Using bronzer on deep skin tones

For the best matches make sure to avoid orange undertones, instead try reddish undertones as this will help to give a warm and natural blush, as well as a natural-looking glow and beautifully radiant.

How to find the right product for your skin type

When it comes to finding the ideal bronzer for your skin type can be difficult, but your skin type should matter a little easier as it should be the thing which influences which kind of product you buy. For example: If your skin type is either normal or slightly oily then a matte powder bronzer or pearls would the ideal, as you can apply these to the high points of your face and also they blend really well and much more easily into your skin. You can aso apply these with either your fingers, or a sponge – just like how you would do when your applying your foundation or liquid concealer.

Products that work best on acne-prone skin

Struggling with acne, then make sure that your make up product are non-comedogenic – basically means they’re formulated to not block you pores – also choose a fragrance-free matte bronzer. Apply the bronzer after you have completed you skincare regime, as this will help to create a great base for you make up.

Products that work best on mature skin

Want to give your skin’s appearance a healthy glow? Well, have a try at using bronzer, even if you have mature skin – cream or gel bronzer will generally give you a better result compared to powder; as it can emphasise fine lines and dry patches. Another thing, dot around the bronzer product along the area of your face that you are wanting to add colour and then gently blend with a sponge.

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