Exploring The South Of France

FLASHBACK FRIDAY! So hey, let’s turn back to 2011. This family trip us exploring the south of france. Unfortunately one of our last holiday together as a family before our life changed forever – which is a whole another story that i may go into at a later date.

However, lets rewind back to 7 years ago! When both of my parents decided to take me and my younger sister on a 3 week trip around the south of france in a our caravan. As at this time, my parents owned a caravan.

We first drove down to Portsmouth, where we caught a ferry. It took around 8-9 hours of traveling to get to St Malo. We Fortunate enough, to have a cabin. So i pretty much slept the whole time. 

Since having the experience of a cabin, I would definitely recommend having one – especially if your traveling through the night!

Once we had arrived in St Malo, we made the drive down to talais where we stay at a campsite for 4 days. For the next week and a half, we traveled to varieties of other cities. Saint-Laurent Medoc, Saint-Helene, Saint-Medard-en-Jalles and Bordeaux- This was our last furthest and last point of our travels. 

Whilst we were here in Bordeaux we came across a very large annual food market that had a wide variety of food, there were also cars hanging from a giant peg. Don’t ask me, co i don’t have a clue. But fair they did look rather cool though!

We then make our way back up to St Malo. We stayed here for our last 5 days. 

Would you like to go to the south of france? Or if your already visited france been then what parts have you been to and where would like to visit next?

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