Feel-Good Movies To Get You Through 2020

Whether you’ve had a bad day, a bad week, as wild year and we only 5 months in. Can we not call this a false start and just restart 2020 over again?

As you embark on a journey of finding something cheery to watch, something that will make your little toes tingle.

Horrors are off limits, this is the time for low stakes drama, comedy, animations, and rom-com. 

For the time when you need your spirits to be lifted, here a few feel-good movies to add to your watch list. Now should’ll we get on with it and show your sofa a good time. 

Mindy Kaling signs on to write 'Legally Blonde 3': report

Legally Blonde

Are you have an off day? Well get everyone’s favourite laywer, Ella Wood, on the case. She’ll win every time. 


There is nothing that will get those chills multiplying quite like a sing-a-long with Danny, Sandy and the rest of the gang. If you don’t know all the words, then you haven’t watched it enough times. I don’t want to know your excuses. 

the parent trap | Cookies + Sangria

Girls Trip

When four best pals known as the legendary flossy posse reunite for a boozy girls trips to New Orleans. You will be laughing,so much hard, that your belly and jaw will feel as if you’ve done a full workout.  

The Parent Trap

A young Lindsay Lohan plays the part of two identical twins who were raised without knowing one another existed. When they reunite at summer camp, they hatched a plan to swap places and get their divorced parents back together again. 

Does 'Mrs. Doubtfire' at The 5th Ave transcend the original's ...

Mrs Doubtfire 

When life throws you lemons, then watch Robin Williams! Daniel Hollard, a divorced actor attempts to win back his wife and spend more time with his kids by getting a job….as their female nanny. Williams is hilarious and pure sunshine, obvs. Especially when he set fire to his t**ts.

Sister Act

In need of your faith in life to be restored, these all singing and all-dancing nuns may just do that. This was one of the first movies to give nuns a real voice and personality behind the habit – oh what personalities they all had. This movie is definitely underrated and very important for our time.

Sex And The City

There’s never a storm too big for these girls to handle. This unbreakable foursome never fails to remind us of the power and importance of a good friendship,

What will be your first feel-good movie to watch when you need cheering up?

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