Things To Do In June

Shallow Focus Photography of Yellow Sunflower Field Under Sunny Sky

Sorry i missed last months ‘Things To Do’ post, but the month of may went by so fast and unfortunately i didn’t manage to get a chance do one, so this month i made sure to post one for june for you guys. 

Can you believe that we are in week 12 of lockdown here in the UK. So far we have celebrated Mother’s Day, Easter Weekend, Holiday’s Bank  and Birthday’s, all through zoom but now we are slowly dipping our toes back to the new kind of normality. 

Now we’re getting outside more and seeing small groups of friends and family in our gardens, as well as  going on walks and getting our fast food fix. Who knew a fast food reunion would be so emosh. 

Whilst we still can’t hug one another, we can make it through knowing that there is still hope on the horizon. Now that the some of the lockdown restrictions have been eased, i’ve compiled a list of things that you can do to make sure june is a month that’s still filled with good vibes and personal growth.

Clear Wine Glass Filled With Purple Wine

  • Read a book outside in the garden whilst enjoying the sunshine.
  • Roll out the picnic blanket and lay out all the snacks. There isn’t such a thing as too many pork pies or sausage rolls.
  • And if the weather isn’t on your side then have a magic carpet picnic inside instead. 
  • find new routes to walk, the prettier the trail, the more steps you’ll do!
  • Make a Summer playlist full of you favourite mood-boosting tunes. Banning all tear-jerks ballads.  
  • Throw a small birthday gathering in you garden. Remember that Rosé is heavily recommended. 

Opened Book Near Ceramic Mug

  • Order a bunch of flower from you to you to support a local florist.
  • Dream about the first place you’ll be traveling to when all of this it over.
  • Have Pajama day, surrounded by a good film and loads of snacks, Bliss!
  • Dress up for YOU. Put on your best clothes and a happy face.
  • Have a family bbq to celebrate Father’s Day and being able to see everyone again, yay!
  • Do your hair all nice for a virtual date night. 
  • Have a fancy date night. Show me the cheese board and wine. 
  • Watch Netflix shows 

Meat Skewers

What will you be getting up to this june? Let me know in the comments!

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