Had Your Confidence Knocked? Here are 5 Ways To Rebuild Yourself & Comeback Stronger

Had your confidnece knocked? Rebuild yourself & comeback stronger. The beautiful and wonderful thing about confidence is that is it’s been knocked, it can be rebuilt with intention and strategy. When bad things happen to you, they way in which you view them, has the power to influence what action or path you will take.

A person who views themselves as a victim, tends to see their situation as permanent, pervasive and out of their control. And when they have a negative experience, they often discount all their previous successes and instead solely focus on this one negative event and feel defined by it. They just accept it as their fate and replay it over and over again in their mind.

had your confidence knocked

On the other hand, creators understand that life happens and that most challenges are just temporary events. And when the have a negative experience happen in their life, they don’t tend to discount all their previous successes, instead they try to learn from their mistakes. Also when they feel helpless, they look for opportunities to move forward.

Next time you find yourself in the middle of a strom, take a step back and have a look at how you’re viewing the situation. A victims view gives them hope – where there is hope, there is opportunity to move forward and come out the other side, stronger then ever!

Here’s 5 important ways that can help you come back stronger once your confidence has been knocked:

  1. One negative situation doesn’t has to define your whole life….unless you allow it too – Rejection, abuse, discrimination and failure are things that happen to us, but they aren’t who we are as a person. You two options, 1. let it define you or 2. not allow yourself to carry the weight situation to take over your life. Teach yourself to make peace with your past and wake up to the authority you have over your own life and redefine your life, over and over again. Remember, there is beauty in your strengths and your pain, but please don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the pain. You really deserve to live a life trauma-free, so instead of writing off yourself from having new beginnings, let yourself bounce back and become stronger than your setback. ‘Society doesn’t give you worth, you are both with it.’
  2. Nothing and no one has the power to take it from you – You matter because you exist. Your worth doesn’t just depend on how much money you have, your job, society status. So when you are faced with negative experiences, try not to internalise it as something wrong with you. Okay, yeah sometimes bad thing happen to good people, but regardless of what happens to you, remember you are always worthy of all the good things that have happen to you. Of course they’re will be people who rejects you, they might take away certain oppportunities, but don’t give the power to the rejection, allow yourself to bounce back to be stronger than your setback.
  3. Your opinion of yourself are worth more than what other think of you – Yeah people will have mean things to say about you and not everyone has the privilege of growing up in a loveing and supportive family enviroment. In the past you may have not been told that you aren’t good enough, or weren’t smart enough. And you may be feeling the weight of all those limiting labels…But guess what? They all don’t matter and you have the power to create a new narrative for yourself. Your opinion of yourself carries a lot more weight than what anyone else thinks about you. So may sure that you have good opinion about yourself!
  4. How people treat you, don’t reflect your self-worth – Ever been discriminated against? If your answer is yes, then you will know how painful it can feel and how easy it can be to feel like there is something wrong with you. But remember someone who low-key hates themselves is unable to show anyone else love. Don’t allow negative people to matter more than yourself.
  5. Rejection doesn’t make you a reject -Very similarly to failure, rejection is something that you experience, not your identity. The quickest and biggest way that can kill your confidence is too think too deeply about rejection as it being something that is wrong with you.
    • Timing is everything: If you’re being rejected from job opportunities, then ask when a better time could be and then try again.
    • The opportunity wasn’t right for you: Getting rejected might not be such a bad thing. It might actually be a blessing in disguise. Rejection can even be a form of protection and also a redirection.
    • You may need a little more growing time: No one is perfect and we all need time to work on thing to progress futher. Okay, so you might not be 100 precent ready, and people may want to see you succeed and grow a little more before they have the confidence to give you a chance. But again, don’t take it personally. Be consistnet and keep going forward and before you know it, they’ll be back again.

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