Don’t Like Weekday Workouts? Exercising On The Weekend Can Be Enough To Stay Fit

Goodbye 6 am Monday spin classes and crowded gym sessions, you’ll be glad to hear that a recent study that was conducted in the US, had found that doing a big bust of exercise at the weekend is just as beneficial to your health as it is when you spread activities throughout the week. This is music to our ears!!

exercising on the weekend can be enough to staying fit

In the JAMA Internal Medicine journal, researchers tracked 350,000 people over 10 years and measured the difference between weekday and weekend workouts. The answer to your question is that as long as you hit 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense exercise a week, it doesn’t matter when you work out or what activity you do.

If any of you are like me, once I’ve finished a long day at the office, the last thing on my mind is to do a workout. Commute, housework, dinner and spending time with family – post-work day list can be long and tiresome. So let’s be honest with ourselves…who can be asked to squeeze in a workout as well? Even though the NHS recommends that we “spread exercise evenly” and “reduce time spent sitting”, being realistic that it isn’t always possible when a 9-5 job or unsociable hours.

don't like to workout during the week

Over on the NHS website, they say that “Exercise just once or twice a week can reduce the risk of heart diease or stroke”. They also suggests that running, swimming, skipping, or circuit training if you after a more vigorous exercise.

But if you just after a more moderate aerobic activities such as; brisk walk, dancing or riding a bike, basically any activity where you can still talk while doing it.

So the next time you start feeling guilty about choosing to relax over completing an intense workout, remember that it’s just as beneficial to rest and do a great weekend workout when you have the time and energy to complete it. Expert advice that I can get behind!

Click here for the link to the blog –> 8 Exercises The You Can Do At Home.

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