Boost Your Confidence with These 5 Simple Tips

For years, I have always had issues with my self-confidence – especially with how other people think about me. 

I’ve tried telling myself not to be bothered about what others think. Somehow, I’ve got this image of what a perfect life should look like. I.e. beautiful house, expensive car and Instagram-worthy holidays. But can all of these things make someone truly happy? The honest answer is… NO!

If I took away all the material things and thought about what would make me happy would be to spend time with family and friends as much as possible.

Wear Comfortable Outfits

Were you ever aware that the clothes you wear can affect your confidence? It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a fashionable outfit or just a comfy pair of jeans, but what does matter is how you feel when you’re wearing them! As if you’re feeling confident and good about yourself, that’s great, don’t ever worry about how others may or may not be thinking about you.

Face Your Fears Head On

When I was growing up, whenever I felt unhappy or fearful of something, I always had the urge to run away. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always resolve the situation. The most effective way was to face my fears head-on know this can be hard at first – but believe me, it will get easier. Don’t ever stop yourself from doing something you love or want to achieve just because of being fearful of failing. Remember that failing at something isn’t the end of the world what you do after that counts. Make sure never to give up on your dreams even if it doesn’t work out the first time, then try it again.

Stay Away From Negativity

Our family and friends play a huge part in our lives emotionally, and surrounding ourselves with negativity can hurt us. So staying away can be nearly impossible, especially if the negativity is from close family and friends. Don’t care about their opinions, what is best for you and what kind of things make you truly happy.

Believe In Yourself

Do you have confidence in yourself? If your response is affirmative, then you have already made it halfway! Believe in your capacity and yourself, and others will begin to have faith in you. Remember, failing at something is not a significant issue. It can assist you in realizing what you want to accomplish and motivate you to try even harder.

Plan And Be Prepared

Sometimes preparing and planning may not be feasible, but it can have a positive outcome. For instance, when facing an upcoming deadline for an assignment, it is helpful to plan and prepare beforehand. During my time at uni, I created a table of all my deadlines before starting any work. After completing each assignment, I would allocate a colour to it – red for not started, orange for halfway done, and green for complete. I found that preparing in advance boosted my self-confidence and prevented last-minute anxiety.

There you have it, steps that will hopefully help to boost your self-confidence. If there is something that has worked for you but hasn’t been mentioned in today’s post, please don’t hesitate to comment below. I would love you to know. See you in my next blog post.

See you for the next blog post x

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