How To Keep Kids Entertained During Lockdown

You’ve probably exhausted your singing voice by watching frozen 118 times and  got dough in places that you never thought physically possible. 

There no getting around the fact that the Corona Virus outbreak has forced us all to adapt in ways we never expected or prepared for and the pressures that come with taking up the role of teacher, mum and dad; whilst also working from home. But alway remember that you are a teacher of many IMPORTANT lessons, other than just maths and literacy. If your doing yu best and reassuring you children at a time when the whole world as we know it is changing and unraveling, then you’re already teacher of the decade. Your doing a brilliant job!

Instead of getting caught up ticking off certain topics, take your child’s lead – what are they naturally inquisitive about? what do they enjoy? Above all of this, here’s an opportunity to connect with your child, be present and active in their learning, plus cash in on those extra cuddles while they’re still little tiny people. 

If you’re stuck for ideas and in need of some inspiration for things to do, i’ve trawled the internet for some of the activities. To all the mums, dads – you’ve GOT this. 

1.Grow you own cress

Are you even a kid unless you’ve grown cress on the kitchen window still?

2.Have a virtual play date

Organise a WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype call with your children’s friends. Most children don’t like to call on demand so why no arrange a fun activity they can all do together. 

3.Get the kids involved i yoga

Who said that mindfulness and tree poses were just for grown-ups? This yoga designed especially for kids but is still great for the whole family. Find it here on YouTube.

4.Make the most of you devices 

Imposing rigid screen time bans probably isn’t right time atm, instead why don’t you explore your smartphones, apps and tablets – see their potential as an educational resource. 

5. Create pasta masterpieces

Pasta and PVA glue, creates a fun piece of art work. Why not paint them afterwards too?

6.Make finger puppets

Cut a piece of card into a animal shape of their choice. Once they’re coloured it in, cut to holes near the bottom- big enough for you child’s fingers. 

7. Decorate plant pots

Do you have any old pot just laying around in the garden. Well why not give them a colourful makeover. Brighter the better!

8.Build a fairy garden

Fill a couple of large pots with soil decorate with sticks, stones, shells, string and whatever else you can find to make the fairies a lovely humble abode.


9.Make leaf animals 

Get some leaves and twigs from the garden and make an animal collage. This encourages the kids to get creative and see leave in a complete different way. 

10.Make your own play dough

Recipe :

1/4 cup of salt

2 tbs cream of tartar

1 cup of flour

1 cup of water

1 tbs of oil

food colouring

Mix the all the dry ingredients together in a small pan, add in the water and food colouring. Stir over a medium heat for a few minutes until the dough become firm. Turn it out onto a plate and let it cool before playing with it. 

11.Paint a rainbow

Once they have finishing painting a rainbow, pop it in the window for the other children to spot on their #rainbowtrail walk. The kids can also go out for their daily exercise and see how may rainbows they can see in the windows. 

12. Make fairy house from toilet rolls

Decorate old toilet rolls with paper, felt tip pens and use cupcake cases for the roof. Alway, don’t forget to draw a little door on the front for the fairies to come and go.

13.Play sink or swim

Get a large bucket or use the bath tube and get some household items or toy, ask your children which items they think with sink and which ones will float. You could use apples, a spoon, keys – anything goes!

14.Make blow paint pictures

Mix some paint with water and place a blob of it onto paper. Take a straw and blow the paint so it spreads out across the page. If your gonna be doing this with young children, them practice without paint first so they get to understand they’re blowing not sucking. Once the paint has dried, draw on some mouths and decorate you colour blob with googly eye stickers. 

15.Make a scrapbook

To help the kids keep track of the days, to give them a sense of routine, why not start a daily scrapbook. When they return to school they can take them in for show and tell, to share everything they did during their time at home and catch up on what their friends did too. 

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