How To Make The Most Of November

Here are things to do during november from Adele to Joe Goldberg and a few sparklers in between if you’re lucky…..

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+ Have your first mince pie of the season.

+ Take 4-5 working days to recover from the No Time To Die ending….

+ Normalise talking about how bad an excel spreadsheet is for your mental health.

+ Reach that point in your life  when you have a favourite spoon in our cultery drawer. At last, you have managed to live up to a age-related milestone.

+ Realise that 2022 is only two months away. 

+ Start watching festive movie classics. Is it even christmas if you havent watched Elf or Home Alone a least once before the big day. 

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+ Hit rock bottom when you forget to concel your pret subcription.

+ Try and fail misberaly to control your umbrella.

+ Consider the irony of having a whole day out at a pumpkin path, having £50 worth of pumpkins and a iconic doorstep but no hope of going out between now and christmas because your broke. Enjoy the fresh air whilst you can!

+ Fall down a rabbit hole of Squid Game theories.

+ Play Adele on repeat in a dark room with mulled wine and spend the rest of november, pretending you’re going through a divorce. 

+ Do your whole christmas shopping on black friday. Who doesn’t love to save some pennies. 

+ Be extra kind. November 13th is World Kindness Day, the prefect day to be extra kind. 

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