How To Make The Most Out Of This October.

You probably only everthought that the invasion of an eight-legged friend was your stuff of nightmare at this season, well 2021 has defo showed that where the door is with the unfolding at a BP garge near you.  Yeah, sure a spider is scary but have you ever had to go out as a sane person that is genuinelly in need of a few pumps of petrol in autumn 2021?!

Anyone whoever has been running october has been having fun, but please let’s get back to some actually fun and that’s halloween!

Person Holding Green Plant on White Textile

  1. Have another go at another TikTok trend.
  2. Feel personally victimised by spiders.
  3. Make a wish at 11:11 whenever the clock strikes.
  4. Start deciding and looking for a halloween outfit…..
  5. You will mostly go as a sexy devil/cat/witch.
  6. Upgrade your phone to the new Iphone 13. Why not have hollywood in your very own back-pocket. They really aren’t aware of the average post-pandemic pocket are they really.
  7. Take up riding lessons = no petrol or diesel need.
  8. Give in and crank up the heating. You work for it, so be toasty and warm…you deserve it!
  9. Don’t just put up with a throw blanket. It’s a heated blanket your are wanting.
  10.   Realising that you alway buy a new outfit for every event in your life, but never end up actually wearing it.
  11.   Add the whole confectionery aisle to your online food shopping order. The spooky, zombie eyeballs won’t eat themseleves, now will they. 

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