15 Lamps That Are Great At Illuminating Your Home

It’s a interiors must to get the best lamps for your home. When you’ve come home after a long day at work, it’s all about snuggling up onto the sofa with a warm cup of hot drink, throwing on you comfortiest pjs and bing watching the sh*t out Netflix and Prime. Now just imagine the idyllic scenario but with the main ceiling light on – not really the most relaxing or chilled out atmosphere.

So if you find yourself sitting in you house but feeling like it isn’t actually your home, them a lamp might be the solution – whether that’s in you living room, bedroom, dining room, office or wherever you find it little harder to unwind at the end of the day – then think about switching off your main, big light and turning on a side lamp.

How to choose the right?

The great thing about lamps, is that tend to be made out of popular metal such as; metal or wood which is perfect if your looking for a neutral lamp, it almost guaranteed to take you through the decades, especially if you’ve opted for a lamp that has interchangeable lampshades. Then the next thing is deciding on a lamp that complements your exisiting space.

Firstly, start by observing your sunrroundings, the colours, the fabrics, the metals and the wood – think about the lamp as a base and a top – so choose a base material the is in sync with your existing materials, and the top of the lamp ( including; the lampshade) is where you can add a different dimension to the room by adding a contrasting texture or colour!

Lamps that are trending rn?

Even though a lamp’s purpose is functional to provide light, it can be a fashion statement – a striking lamp can give a living room feature in itself. The lamps trends that are emerging right now across social media; Pinterest and Instagram are ultra-modern overarching floor lamps, retro mushroom lamps, glass sphere lamps and stone base lamps. And by adding any one of these to your home, you’ll be one step closer to creating an interior dream.

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