Organise Your Kitchen with This Ultimate Guide

When it comes to maintaining an organized kitchen, keeping the cupboards in order can be a bit challenging. You might have a well-planned cleaning schedule that you can adhere to for a long time, or you may have the intention to keep things organised however, the demands of daily life take over, and you start to let things slip, resulting in disorganized kitchen cupboards and perhaps even messy kitchen counters.

Are you looking for some guidance on how to organize your kitchen? Do you want to know the most effective ways to stay organised? Then you’ve come to the right place! Take a few minutes out of your day and continue reading this blog. I’ve wanted to organize my kitchen cupboards for the last few months. I finally got started and thought i would share some tips with you.

I understand you have been residing in your new place for less than a year. Since it’s a small place, the kitchen is also tiny with limited cupboard space. Consequently, it can be quite challenging to fit all your belongings in.

Over the weekend, I found some unexpected energy, which is not something that happens often for me on weekends. I decided to use this energy to organize my cupboard. By doing so I managed to create more counter space by storing some items in the cupboard. It felt great to have this task done!

Please remove all the contents from the cupboard. Clean the shelves thoroughly and dispose of any unwanted items.

Please organize the items that I still use and want, and put them back in an orderly manner.

Living in a small space can be challenging, especially when it comes to keeping everything organised and stored away neatly. My kitchen area is not very large, and it can be harder to keep it clutter-free. However, over time, I have learned that with a bit of creativity, it’s entirely possible to make the most of the limited space. I have a few solutions to keep my kitchen organized, such as using vertical space, adding shelves, using drawer organizers, and keeping only essential items on hand. These tricks have helped me maintain a clean and functional kitchen space, even though the area is relatively small.

5 Kitchen Organisation Tips:

  1. Utilize storage bins and baskets: This is probably the most commonly used storage solution. They can be found in most UK home stores and supermarkets and aren’t overly expensive.
  1. Add dividers to give cabinets order: These are ideal for keeping all your kitchen bits tidy in your cupboards. There’s nothing worse than going out and buying a load of storage items, and making your kitchen less organised!
  1. Keep cutlery from rolling around: Cutlery drawers can easily become disorganized if you don’t have anything in place to keep them organized. Investing in drawer dividers can make keeping everything in its own space easier. Drawer dividers are not just for cutlery, you can also find utensil dividers.
  1. Make things accessible: Cupboard space is often limited unless you have a large and spacious kitchen. To make things easier, it’s best to keep frequently used items in the most easily accessible spots. Reserve the back of your cupboards or higher shelves for items used less often.
  1. Invest in a label maker: To better organize food storage, it’s helpful to use a label maker to label each container, and bin, and display the expiration dates.

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