Scrunchies For Sleeping In, Could Be The Key To Perfect Hair In The Morning

Okay, the sercet is out! Silk scrunchies could be the key to waking up with perfect hair. We all know that “effortless wave” -you know ghd kind that looks artfully styled in that you just-rolled-out-of-bed-way- which isn’t extactly effortless. Even if it currently takes you 30 mintues or more and with almost as many products to create the toulsed look you love. There is hope for you to get a truely effortless hair care routine. 

Doesn’t it get annoying when you’ve done your hair and then you wake up with an out of place kink, where the rubber band was. Well i might just have the answer and your probably thinking, “is a silk scrunchie really the answer?”, well the answer is yes!

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With traditional hair ties and scrunchies, it can create breakage and frizz, where as silk scrunchies actually protects your hair. This is because silk doesn’t pull mositure from your hair instead it makes it feel silker and more hydrated. 

Hair styles are another way to protect your hair whilst you sleep, loose braids or two low bun can not only keep your hair frizz-free but also results in easy waves in the morningwhen you come to letting your hair down. 

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I’ve put together a few sleeping accessories that will hopefully help you to achieve that effortless, frizz-free look, straight after you roll-out-of-bed. Cos come on, who doesn’t want something that effortless makes getting ready easier!

Silk Scrunchies 

Slip Scrunchies

Traditional hair ties can tug on delicate hair which can lead to damage and breakage, but these Slip pure silk scrunchies are the perfect addition to your beauty routine £39

Silk Scrunchies

These silk scrunchies protects delicate hair from damaging tugging commonly caused by traditional hair ties. It has natural abilities to keep your own hair mositure from drying out and prevents it from breaking £12.99

Silk Pillowcase

Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase

This pillowcase great for getting rid of the unwanted bed hair when you wake up, and if that wasn’t enough then it can double up an anti- aging product too – as silk doesn’t absorb compared to cotton, so cos it absorbs less face cream then your face is kept mositured and vauable face and hair products where they belong £85 

LilySilk Housewife Pillowcase

Stain and cotton both create friction, which can causing you hair breakage whilst you sleep. Thankfully, silk pillowcase creates less friction and also won’t absorb moisture, so you hair will retain it’s healthy shin. Plus, silk and smooth pillowcase are great for protecting you hair from tangles and frizz £23.79


Invisibobble Collection Circus Original Bad Hair Day?

There’s a reason why it’s called Traceless Hair Ring. Simply use one to tie up your hair overnight and it won’t leave a trace behind £4.99

Invisibobble Waver Plus Clear Crystal Hair Clips

Unlike traditional hair clips, these invisibobble traceless hair clips allow hair to just sit between the waves, reducing the amount of tension and pulling on the scalp. Also because it made from one piece of material and has been designed to be entirely smooth, there is no risk of your hair getting stuck or breaking £5.97

Crease Free Hair Ties

Popband Crease Free Hair Bands

These soft and strenchy hairbands that holds your hair up tightly – whatever thickness,  it won’t leave that annoying kink where the hairband was! It will also finish off any outfit with a hair tie to match £6.00

Spiral Hair Ties

The spiral design prevents hair breakage and tangling when you come to take off the hair tie, plus it can help the hair tie to get extra strong grip and not easy slip from hair £6.99

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