Short Nails Are The Biggest Low Maintenance Beauty Trends This Summer, And Yes You Can Still Have Incredible Nail Art

Acrylic nail extensions are very much loved, whether that’s coffin nails, oval nails or even squoval nails. Also, nail art and ombre nails, neon nails and even 3D nails very much loved too, but over the last couple of years, it has taught us that anything concerning our nails, is that good thing can come in small packages and having short nails are still pretty cool.

Even though having a long nail can make us feel super glamorous, once you get a single broken nail, that’s the sort of thing that can put a downer on anybody’s day. But one thing to avoid broken nails, is to not have long nails in the first place.

TAKE CARE OF CUTICLES – The whole short nail trend is all about having healthy-looking nails, and this also applies to our cuticles as well. To keep the skin around your nails bed moisturise with nourishing cuticle oil.

OPI ProSpa Nail and Cuticle Oil To-Go, LOOKFANTASTIC, £11.40

GO FOR OVAL – After a more natural look, then opt for rounded, oval shape nails. Get yourself a great nail trimmer/clipper and file, all of these will help you to achieve a smooth and even finish.

Elegant Touch Professional Nail Clipper, LOOKFANTASTIC, £8.95

So Eco Glass Nail Files, LOOKFANTASTIC, £7

COLOUR AND PATTERNS – Whether you want dramatic or experimental nail art designs, it’s worth letting your artistic side completely free.

OPI ‘Let’s Be Friends!’ Nail Lacquer, John Lewis, £14.30

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