Beauty | Expectation Vs Reality.

Are you wanting a refresh of your everyday makeup look, after strolling through pinterest boards and over on instragam. It can sometimes be a little tricky achieving the look that’s exactly the same as what you see in a photo – more often than not, the look that your trying to achieve won’t exactly got to plan. 

woman with red lipstick and black mascara

Winged Eyeliner

Expectation: Purrfect cat eye with a polished flick. Reality: Uneven, sloppy wings. 

Tips to getting it right: Don’t apply the eyeliner to a bare, unprepped eye – this can cause the liner to mix with the natural oils from your skin and smudge into you upper lid. Instead use an eyeshadow primer first followed by a transulcent powder to set the area. 

Choosing the right eyeliner:Are you an eyeliner lover! Choosing the right one isn’t always that easy – liquid eyeliner is a great starting point for beginners, as the product will disperses across the eyelid evenly,plus it’s also easier to hold and comes in a felt, sponge and brush tips.

persons blue eyes in close up photography


Expectation: Beautiful defined, natural looking brows. Reality: Harsh fake looking brows. 

Tips to getting it right: Avoid drawing on your brows in a hard straight line – it can make you brows look super harsh and fake. For a more natural, soft look – feather the brows, by making smaller, shorter strokes in the natural shape of your brow. (Don’t ‘square’ off your brows when you are filling them in – instead of making them look natural and causes then to look fake.  

Choosing the right colour: Getting the right colour is so important. It can really make the different between nailing a Cara Delevingriesque look or a brow gone bad pinterest board. If you are wanting a natural look but still a defined brows – for a people with dark brown or black hair select a colour thats one or two shades lighter, whereas people with blonde or light brown hair, opt for a colour one or two shades darker.  

woman with orange lipsticks


Expectation: Bold, beautiful lips. Reality: Boho the clown.

Tips to getting it right: First prep your lips and make sure to buff away any dry, flake skin with a tissue and then apply lip balm. Allow sometime for the balm to absorb before glently wiping away any excess. (Don’t apply lipstick straight on top of the lip balm.)  

Choosing the right lip colour: By knowing your skin’s undertone make’s choosing the right colours so much easier to meet your bold up expectations. Orange based reds works well for warm coloured skins tones. Cool skin tones, opt for reds with a blue base for a truel flattering effects. 

brown and white makeup brush


Expectation: Highlight your natural bone structure. Reality: You’ve drawn an actual skull line on your face.

Tips to getting it right: Golden rule to contouring? Blending is your best friend. Blend, blend, blend! Do i need to say it anymore. Never go OTT with contoruing, instead only choose one area – jaw, nose, cheekbones, etc.

Choosing the right lip colour: Choosing your contour shade will really make or break our look. For a much more believable result is whn ou use a shade or two darker than ou actual foundation.

black and brown make up palette


Expectation: Beautiful bronzed glow. Reality: A face that’s less shimmer and more slick.

Tips to getting it right: Suncream alway matters! Apply you’re a little sweat, things can get creas real quickly. It takes seconds to apply, but will keep our look in place all day.  

Never cover every inch of our face with bronzer – you will more than likely look fake baked rather than bronzed goddness. So apply bronzer to the areas the sun hits naturally; cheekbones, forehead chin and nose. 

Choosing heat proof makeup shades: Having the right make up products really matters in the heat. So switch to more sheer versons of your favourite lip and eye colours. A lighter look suits warmer weather more than those rich, dark colours. 

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