So Let’s Have A Quick Catchup: Weekend Catchup Edition.

Hey, it’s been a while since I did one of those weekend catch-up posts, so I thought I’d write one today. This past weekend I was pretty productive for once, doing some adulting like housework, and also took some time to chill, catch up on sleep after a crazy work week and allow myself some me time.

So, last weekend I decided to loosen up and have fun instead of being a boring adult. After finishing work on Saturday, I thought, screw it! I’m not going to worry about having a clean house; instead, I went bowling with a friend and her daughter on Saturday after I’d finished work. And guess what? Her 9-year-old daughter beat both of us adults. Can you believe it? I got whooped by a kid! I was so happy to leave the house and be carefree for a few hours.

On Sunday, the weather was not too bad – a little chilly and windy – but nothing new here in the UK and. Also, it wasn’t raining which is a rarity these days in the UK. My sister, me and of course, Bonnie took a drive to Sywell Country Park, that’s located in Northamptonshire. So we enjoyed the nice weather and took a chilled walk around the lake.

Then on Monday, my last day off, Bonnie’s had a much-needed haircut. So while she was having a pamper session, me and my sister met up with my mate and had a spot of lunch.

This weekend turned out to be spontaneous and one to remember. It might have been an adventure but I had a different weekend compared to what I usually do on my days off. Let’s see what I get up to next weekend.

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