Ways To Make The Most Of January.

With january usually consisting of us feeling a little sad about the christmas and new year build up. But after an uncertain and crazy years, it feels uncharacteristically upbeat – we are so here for the feel-good vibes. Onwards and upwards, here are 15 things that will hopefully inspire you to make the most of this january.

selective focus photography of fireworks display at night

  1. Take down the christmas tree.
  2. Unsubscribe from everything – declutter your inbox.
  3. Wish for snow….
  4. But realise that you’ve had your fair share of unoffical snow days in 2020 for the last 9 months.
  5. Dust everything in your sight – everything you never though to dust before.
  6. Rerrange your home now that christmas has been boxed away.
  7. Dig out the 1000’s of twiglets that you’ve dropped down the back and sides of the sofa.
  8. Dream about your summer travel plans as we are still unable to make those atm.
  9. Streamline your camera roll.
  10. Start to mentally prepare yourself for your first proper ‘Girls Night Out’.
  11. Open your fridge and try to remember what the light of day feels like.
  12. Look at your diary and realise that you are fully booked and socially exhausted until further noticed.
  13. Think about getting your gym membership back, mainly just to humor yourself.
  14. Eat anyone whoever feels the need to comment on your weight.
  15. Feel the new notebook scraies. It’s totally a thing.

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