Making The Most Of March

As we are beginning to emerge from our year-long loungewear (still very reluctant to give up the comfortable braless existence) and ride ou what is hopefully, most definitely the very last leg of lockdown. So here’s a few ideas for how you can pass the time between now and freedom. 

Very soon, we will hopefully be roaming around the pub garden having lunch with your pals and trying to relearn how to socialise again.

Things To Do In December

Since all of our plans for the past 9 months have either not gone ahead, have had to be altered or postpose until futher notice, so with all that in mind the pressure of cooking the perfect christmas dinner and buying overly priced chocolate presents is off. Tbh, i think we all would probably be over joyed with a plate of parnsips and a stack of oranges if that mean’t we could spent time with our family and friends. 

Things To Do In June

Whilst we still can’t hug one another, we can make it through knowing that there is still hope on the horizon. Now that the some of the lockdown restrictions have been eased, i’ve compiled a list of things that you can do to make sure june is a month still filled with good…