Things To Do In March

With storm Ciara and Dennis have been and gone and had their wicked ways. Spring is finally in the air. They days are getting longer, we can smell the daffs, hear the bird sing and get to eat gelato once again. Which only means one thing…’s bare leg season here!


We all knew this day would come and yet here we are, plaiting our knee hair. We gonna need to take a lawnmower at it, at this stage. 

Let’s be honest, there are fewer months that can offer us as march , but just i case your at a loose end or setting there twiddling your thumbs, here are some things to tick off your list this month!

1. Tackle the huge task of shaving your legs. It’s been 72 years

2. Honour International Women’s Day by raising your favourite alcoholic glass

3. Di out you best floral duvet

4. Start a new book that you’ve been meaning to read for ages. 

5. Start planing your summer vacay

6. Swap the treadmill for running outside 

7. Treat yourself to a mini-pedi

8. Have you first iced latte of the year

9. Spend so quality time with your mum for mother’s day

10. Buy yourself a bunch of  tulips

11. Marie Kondo the hell out of your knicker drawer. Everything’s getting folded, from pants, socks, the fish tank. The lot. LOL 

12. Eat ice cream

13. Tuck into a hot cross bun

14. Go for long bench or country walks

15. Drink the obligatory Guinness on St Paddy’s Day

Feel Multivitamin

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