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A Day In The Life

I’ve been wanting to write a “day in the life” blog post for some time now, so I thought it would go ahead and talk about what I got up to the other day. Well, I’m going to be completely honest with you and say that my days aren’t usually that exciting. Not saying that this day out, catching up with my sister was overly exciting, but my days are normally spent being lazy by sitting on the sofa, eating junk food {“a lot more than I should”} and watching Netflix’s. This is one of the reasons why I haven’t done one of these kinds of blog posts before.

Just Say ‘YES’!

Just how often you find yourself turning things down or shying away from doing things out of your comfort zone? How often do you say the word NO? For me, this word crops up for too many time than i would like and even more than the word “yes”.

Let’s Talk About Healthy Eating…

Over the years I’ve had my ups and downs with food, but have never felt the need to do the low cab or low fat diets, just for a quick holiday fix. Cos if anyone knows me i really do love my food, i’m such a foody. So in today’s post i thought would focus on what i feel everyone is constantly talking about and that is ‘healthy eating’. 

The Driving Playlist

Hey! I’m back with a new playlist today ‘Driving Playlist’ –  For all those times when i’m either driving around running errands, on a road trip, driving to and from work or just when i want to listen to something a little more upbeat. When i’m listening to music, i’m alway super productive and put me in a great mood at the same time. Which i absolutely love 🙂 !!!  and i hope you do too.

My Favourite Movies RN.

Hello! I hope everyone has had a good week? 🙂 I thought i would do some think a little different with today’s blog. And with one of my favourite things i love to do to relax after a long day at work, is come home take my make up, lay in bed and watch movies for the rest of the evening. I find by watching movies to a great way to just unwind an distress. So are a few of my favourite go to movies atm!


HEY! Today’s post, i thought i would do something a little different. When i’m writing, i feel like you already know me, but there are somethings that i would  never of spoken about, what University i studied at, what’s my favourite holiday or what’s my favorite clothing store.

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