Things To Do In September

How are we already in september? How did that even happen? Nobody knows but it did. Summer’s been and gone so now we’re more than ready to embrace all things autumn.

  • Have yummy roast in a country pub
  • Climb into your favourite jumper
  • Give in and out your central heating on. Come on, you know you want too!
  • Make an Autumn wreath for your front door

round Halloween-themed wreath on blue surface

  • Take a rainy jog or stroll
  • Make a fall playlist
  • Swap all your summer decor for new fall cushions, right?
  • Whip out the dark lipstick
  • Wash your slippers, you know it’s been way too long 

white and blue ceramic mug

  • Have an Autumn picnic with a flask of hot drink and toasties
  • Bake homemade cinnamon buns
  • Tell everyone that you meet that you can’t believe it’s september already
  • Make a warm, home comfy stew. It’s slow cooker season.  

brown cookies

What will you be getting up to this September?

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