15 Things To Do In November

With there being only seven more fridays until christmas……Can you believe it…..SEVEN! And with how this year has gone, we are all for bringing those festivities forward in whatever way we can.

So what better way than to kick out that 2020 negativity than with fluffy blanket of joy, fireworks, some fairy lights, michael buble and some way overpriced festive scented candles. Here are things you can do in november without  thinking ‘I’m i even allowed to do it’. 

2020 books with basket

  1. Write a letter saying goodbye to 2020. 
  2. Cook your favourite meal for the winter that is completed with crusty bread.
  3. Start your christmas shopping. That if you haven’t already started it way back in september. 
  4. Do random acts of kindness, the world seriously needs it.

cooked food on black bowl

5. Dig out your christmas playlist. Is it too early? NEVER!

6. Clear out your wardrobe – again. 

7. Buy a poppy and observe Remeberance Day.

8.Buy an chocolate advert calendar now.

9. Bing watch an entire series.

10. Prioritise your self- care

white ceramic sink beside window

11. Snap up a Black Friday deal or 6

12. Grabe yourself a festive sandwich for  your lunch – we all want to see like herb stuffing & cranberry sauce from now until December.

13. Pick a new podcast to listen to on winters walk.

14. Pour a glass of mulled wine whilst you complete Netflix.

15. Consider  buying a range of festive pet outfit, even if you don’t own a dog. 

clear drinking glass with brown liquid

What will you be getting up this November?


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