How To Be A Good Houseplant Parent

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With the house plant trend not going anywhere fast and we’re mighty glad about that, as life it so much better with plants. Making our homes brighter and greener, as well as the air cleaner just by existing and we have to do in return is to keep them alive. A lot easier said than done….LOL!

With so many lovely types to choose from, you’re bound to find some species that are little trickier to care for than your average low maintenance succulents. 

If you’re anything like me, your a serial plant slayer, but here your chance to turn over a new page and be the good plant mum you were alway destined to be. Here’s my essential guide to care for your precious leaf babies. 

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Make sure there’s enough light

Find the right balance for giving enough sunlight to your plants can be tricky, as some plant love strong direct sun, where as other will be a lot happier with just bright morning light and some shade. Here some tips: If your plants become ‘leggy’, stops growing or the leaves turn yellow, it’s likely that there not getting enough light. I your plant’s leaves are browning, curling or appearing dry and brittle, then they’re probably getting too much of a good thing. 

Give them a snack

Topping up their soil nutrients, pampering your plants with a healthy does of fertiliser throughout growing season (March-September). You can buy houseplant from most supermarkets and garden centres. 

Repot when necessary

Majority of houseplants already come potted with drainage holes and as a general rule of thumb, this will keep them happy for a least 1-2 years. Some plants such as; peace lily and fern prefer to be slightly pot-bound but will eventually need to be re-potting. 

Here are a few tell-tale signs that you plant need to be repotted: one of the most obvious sings is roots  growing throught the drainage holes at the bottom – simply turn the pot over and inspect the bottom, you may need to gently remove the pot to get a closer look. If you see a mass of pale roots in the shape of the pot wrapped around the plants, then it’s time for action. Give the plant a good watering the day before you are going to  repot to reduce stress and make the roots workable.  


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Pay attention to any changes 

When your plant isn’t a happy bunny, it will let you know. Keep an eye on the leaves, feel the soil, check how much sun it’s getting – i know, it’s a full-time job but if you take care of them properly, you’ll be able to enjoy them in your home for longer.

Beware of heaters and draughts

Make sure to keep your plants away from radiators, doors and draughty windows. Houseplants don;t like to be too cold or too hot. They’re similar t Goldilocks. they want their conditions to be ‘just right’. 

Keep the dust away

Did you know the dust blocks lights and harbours insects. To keep you leafy houseplants clean and dust-free by using a damp cloth and gently remove the dust or for any easier way why not plant the whole plant in the shower and rinse, plus it’s a good way to remove unwanted pests. If you still have an ongoing pest problem then, quarantine the plant, buy spray treatment and continue to use it regularly until the bugs are gone. 

Avoid a soggy bottom 

Plants hate a soggy bottom and having wet feet, which is why post have drainage holes to prevent roots from rotting. If your in doubt, water your plants in the shower. Once you’ve given them a good drink, leave them to drain for at least an hour popping them back in their pots. 

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What’s your favourite houseplant? Let me know in the comments below. 

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