Affordable Blog Props.

I’m not going to be sitting here pretending that my photography skills are 100% perfection. Cos lets be completely honest….there not! But i do certainly hope that my skill have improved slightly, since my first blog

WHITE CARD : I know it may sound like an obvious one, but i can tell you that is a definite game changer. I use it for almost every beauty product photo shoot. For a more impromptu photo, i tend to use my white bed sheets…but no jks, it sometimes does take me about half hour to put together! 

MAGAZINE OR COOKBOOKS : Wanting to add a little more colour and pattern into photos? I have found that magazines or cookbooks are a prefect touch to a photo. 

BLANKETS : Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a bit of snuggling texture added into a photo! I got a purple fluffy blanket for christmas, so that will be making it’s way into future photos. It’s an easy way to turn a boring plain white background, into something a little more colourful.

NOTEBOOKS : I’m such a stucker for a nice looking notebook or planner, especially with those “cheesy” sayings. My go-tos atm are a dark green planner that says “live more worry less” and a leafy print notebook from wiko.

FLOWERS : I’m not really flowery sort of girl, but i do find that a nice bunch of flowers does make the fine touch to a photo! My faves for a photo are by far roses, sunflowers, daisy’s. Cactus and succulents work great too.

FOODI don’t mean go and empty a box of mcdonald’s chicken nuggets and put it on top of your new ave eye shadow palette. But by adding a few macarons, can make a photo look a lot more sweeter. Plus you get to eat them afterwards!

POSTCARDS : I love a good slogan postcard from paperchase. It can give a photo a punch of colour and also, i like the motivational slogans. It can turn a photo into a subtle pep talk!

Do you have any fave blog or instagram photo props that use love to use? 


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