4 Ways To Help You Manage Your Finances

Learning how to deal with your finances from a young age is super important. Managing and dealing with money is a really big reponsibility, and it really sad how schools fail to provide young people with the knowledge with how to properly manage their finances. It might not be something that you have to worry about too much as a teenager or young adult, but as soon as you get a job then you will need to know how it all works. 

When your were growing up, you were probably taught {well, i was taught growing up} to save money and how to budget money. Ever since i was a little girl, i alway saw my parents work hard at saving and making wise decisions when they were buying new things. This has really helped me to learn the value of money, spend money wisely and how to save it as i’ve gotten older. 

In todays’s post, i wanted to share some of my tips and ticks that i have learned to budget and manage my finances. At the end of the post i would love you to let me know some the adivce and tips you have learnt growing up too. 

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This was probably one of the first things that i done, when i was a young child. I can remember going down to the bank and my parents opened up me and younger sister a savings account. I was so confused as to why i need it. But i really taught me a valuable lesson in saving. I didn’t really ever have money in there, but it was somewhere i could put my christmas and birthday and saving it from when i wanted to buy something. Now, as i’ve gotten older, it’s something that i utilise alot. 

There are so many different savings accounts out there, so i promise i won’t go into too much detail about them. But what i will say, is much sure you do your own research. Take a look and see what kind of saving accounts would be the most benefical to you, your lifetstyle and situation. Having a savings account can also be a great wa to make interest on your money too. So, see this as an investment opportunity.


If you aware that you have bill that are due during or at the end of the month, then make sure you have enough money set aside in your saving to paid them off. Also make sure that you are buying responsibly throughtout the month too. The short answer is, don’t make any expensive puchase if you know you only have enough for you bills. I know it sound like common sense, but alot of people make this mistake and then get caught up in the moment – turn into a snowball – If you’ve ever know the saying “rob peter to pay paul” then you will know what i’m on about. 

There wouldn’t be anything worse than to have that heart sinking feeling, knowing that ou don’t have enough money left at the end of the month to paid for all you bills. Buy responisbly doesn’t mean that you can’t buy things that you want or enjoy, it just means that you have to be careful with how much you spend.


At the beginning of everymonth or as soon as you get you wage, set a budget startegy with you money. Put aside for food, bills and anything else that you know you will need to paid for. Then see the rest as your disposable income. you can use this money for leisure activites – clothes shopping, eating out, buying makeup, etc.


Credit card can be both great and a curse. They can be great for when you are buying something big, but so many people get carried away with buying things with a credit card, and often forget that they have to pay them back.

Be careful, as alot of credit car companies have really high interest rates and you have to pay that back on top of what you have borrowed. But by taking out 0% interest credit cards are a great way to be savy with money. Just make sure to pay back what you’ve borrowed quickly too!

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