Random Facts That You Didn’t No About Me

It’s very rare that i ever shared personal facts about myself on my blog, but i really want to share doing it more often. As a blogger it can hard to find the fine line between share your personal experiences and oversharing. I consider myself as a private person, and i only tend to share private parts of my life very few selective people. So todays post is going to be very short and sweet, but hopefully a conversation starter and get to know each other a little bit more!


You probably didn’t expect this one to be apart of this random facts about me? Don’t let me fall ya all, when i turned 18 – {Here in the UK 18 year’s old is the legal drinking age} – i loved going out and partying with friends, but as i’ve gotten older and different things i’ve seen and heard, has really changed my mind and slowly i stopped going out. You reall notice the awful people who would take advantage of vunerable drunken people, especially young girls/women, you also saw men – who were sometimes double my age – punching other people in the face.

Even though i don’t like to go out partying at night clubs, i still enjoy going out for nice evening meal and drinks with friends, but i’m usually home before 11pm. No more staying out til the early hours of the morning. I feel so much more content and safer being in my cosy bed and watching netflix with my favourite snacks.


Yes, you heard me right…..I’M BRITISH AND I DON’T DRINK TEA! I find that if say to anyone who lives overseas, that i’m from the UK and doesn’t like tea, then 98% of the time they also show a shocked face. You live in the UK and you don’t like tea? Yes, i do live in the UK but that isn’t ony thing that is available to drink!

blue, white, and red flag


Ever since i was a child, our family hoildays were usually going to American. This most probably one of biggest achievements of mine. I’ve visited states like; Florida, Alabama, Orlando, New York –  i went there for new year and my 21st birthday. I love to travel and visit new place, i wish i could do it more often. I have so many wonderful memories going to visit american. I hope to take another trip again soon.


I have a lot of pet peeves, but don’t worry i won’t bore with them all….i’ll just share a couple of them with you. I hate flaky people. The ones that say that will do something and then they don’t. Or they tell you every excuse as why the can’t. This i has happened to me multiple times and at one point it actually stopped me from getting my hope up for things, just so i didn’t get disappointed if things didn’t happen. It’s sad if really think about it, as you should alway get excited about do something fun.

Another thing that annoyes me, is when people don’t chnage the toilet roll in the bathroom? Really, you used the last bit and decide that you didn’t care about anyone else? Also i really hate it when people don’t replace things that are empty. I know it’s something easy to forget, but if it happens alot, that when i start to wonder if they just really don’t care about anybody else!

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