6 Reasons To Get Excited About Autumn.

There’s a change in the air, Halloween just around the corner and jumper season is approaching very soon. Autumn is definitely the best season.

The summer evenings spent getting merry in the back garden or park did serve us well, but lets welcome fall with open arms (social distance open arms of course!)

If your still in mourning cos of the long summer of 2020, then here’s a few reasons to get excited about autumn.

The Food

With the darker and chiller evenings the food becomes all hearty on us. salads give way to cheese boards, hot soups with crusty rolls, country pub roasts and large pudding that swims in custard. 

Great TV

A big thanks to that ‘which shall not be named’, a lot of our favourite TV shows and upcoming series and films have had to be put on hold but there’s still plenty to forward to and get stuck into.Strictly come dancing is already looking promise, the undoing with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant –  all airing this fall. That gives us something to stay in for.

Being Cosy

Dark cosy nights, sitting inside watching the rain fall and the wind howl, with candles lit, wrapped up in blankets feels very self-indulgent but you feel no guilt from not going out because no on expect you to.

Autumn Fashion

Fall fashion is without a doubt the best (and the most comfortable fashion too). I’m all for warm socks, boots , cosy knitwear, cardigans and layers. I  love a good scarf – which this year can also can come in handy and double up a face covering. Are you having a bad hair day – well no problem, pop on a cosy hat. 

Slowing Down

One of the top things about autumn is the changes in pace. Everything becomes a tad slower with your friends and family are mostly in agreements that saturday nights in beats being freezing whilst your waiting at the taxi rank. 


We still don’t know if there’s going to be all tricks and no treats this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get our spook on for one of the best holidays of the year, even if we’re sat at home with our cats, drinking pumpkin punch.


What are you looking forward to the most this Autumn?

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