A Day In The Life

I’ve been wanting to write a “day in the life” blog post for some time now, so I thought it would go ahead and talk about what I got up to the other day. Well, I’m going to be completely honest with you and say that my days aren’t usually that exciting. Not saying that this day out, catching up with my sister was overly exciting, but my days are normally spent being lazy by sitting on the sofa, eating junk food {“a lot more than I should”} and watching Netflix’s. This is one of the reasons why I haven’t done one of these kinds of blog posts before.

However, on this particular day was my day off {“still no lying for me”}, I had to be up fairly early as my car was booked in for an MOT [On a side note: they aren’t my favourite days, but I’m so happy that it passed…YIPPEE!!].

Once I got everything sorted out with my car, I thought considering it was a nice summers days it would take my sister over to Rushden Lakes. It’s a retail park in Rushden, a town in the Northamptonshire area. [There are plenty of shops – so you can shop till you drop!, variety of different restaurants from TGI Fridays, Bills to Wagamama and Nandos, but if shopping isn’t for you then you can walk the nature trail that is around the outside of the lake.]

We both decided not to go shopping, so instead we walked on this nature trail, as well as taking photo along the way. The weather was also really nice and warm – it wasn’t too hot, just a nice cool breeze that made the whole prefect. 

After we had walked all the way around, we then decided to go and have a greggs. God, i love there sansauge rolls. As of yet haven’t had one of those vegan sausage roll…but i heard that they taste nice. I’ll see if i remember to pick one up, next time i go in there. 

I’m sorry that this blog post is a little short and sweet, but once we had eaten our greggs and chat some more, i then went and dropped off my sister at out dad house, then i drove back to mine, got into my pj and sat on the sofa watching netflix’s for the rest of the evening wasn’t. 

I have really enjoyed writing a little throwback post for you guys. After feeling not myself at the beginning of the week, having catch up with my sister [who i don’t often get to see that much] really made feel a lot happier. 

What do you guys usually get up to on your days off from work? 

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