All About Me

Hello, hope you are all had a good day. I thought it was about time i sat down and write a post and talk about myself. So here you have it… a post all about me!

Oh, where do I begin?

  1. I guess i will start with my age? I’m 27.
  2. My car is a mini.
  3. I’m not a big fan of birthdays. I have a love, hate relationship with getting a year older, but starting to embrace getting older…very slowly!
  4. I grew up a family of four, one younger sister.
  5. My favourite childhood movies and which I still love to rewatch to this day is Finding Nemo and Hocus Pocus – I can’t watch to watch the new hocus pocus 2 this autumn!
Just look how cute she looks 🥰
  1. About a year and a half ago, I re-homed a sweet little 3-week-old guinea pig. And, omg she is now my little sidekick. Before getting her, I never realised how affectionate they can be. She loves lots of cuddles and loves to eat A LOT!
  2. I’m currently saving for a house in the near future. Even though I get so close to my goal, but still not in rush to move out just yet. Especially, with how everything going on atm.
  3. My life ambitions are to be healthy, and happy and to provide the best life possible for my little pet.
  4. I love to watch crime dramas. Probably way too much, but oh well.
  5. My favourite beverage atm has to be ‘Costa Mango & Passionfruit’. I’m loving the summer drinks menu. And the runner-up is a can of diet coke…Yep, it has to be can. I don’t like bottles as I always forget to drink them and I also find the coke tastes flat…don’t ya think?

So there you have it… a quick run down about me. If there is anything that you would like to expand on, then feel free to let me know via dm on Instagram @leannemariedenton

Love ya,

Leanne x

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