Beauty Edition: Maybelline Instant Anti-Aging Concealer

Hello, Hope you guys have had a lovely week. In today post i will be continuing with the beauty edition segment and be introducing you all to the ‘Maybelline Instant Anti-Aging Concealer‘. I’ve only been using this concealer for the couple of months, but i’m not gunna lie, i had already fallen in love with it from day one. 

Have you every thought about saying goodbye to your imperfections with the eraser eye concealer. The formula contains coloured pigment which is perfect to even out you under eye area, as well as visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark spots/circles. It’s also enriched with goji berry; that hydrates the skin, whilst remaining gentle to your delicate eye area and delivers a flawless finish. 

For the past few months, i’ve been on a bit of a concealer hunt. I have quite noticeable dark under eye and i have found it hard to find a concealer that actually covers it. I’m gunna be honest, i do normally run a million miles away from budget concealer. However, a few months ago i saw that one of my favourite youtubers was saying how much they loved the ‘Maybelline Instant Anti-Aging Concealer‘, so the next i had to go out pick one up and i haven’t looked back. This concealer is absolutely brilliant!

The eraser concealer comes in a small plastic tube, with a spongy applicator at the top. It only takes one to two clicks and you will have the right amount of product. The applicator itself is prefect for applying the concealer under eye. the sponge is super soft and disperses the product evenly around the eye.

Top Tip: Even though the concealer comes with a sponge, you will still need to blend with either a blending sponge, brush or your fingers. Otherwise the product will just sit on the skin and you don’t want that – isn’t a great look.

I’ve really only found one negative thing with this product and that is hygiene. I’ve tried not to think about it too much as i really love this concealer itself. The consistency of the concealer is light and thin on the skin. it’s also super light-weight, so feel as if you need to add a tone other products on top. It’s very blendable and dries really well, without setting into fine lines or eye creases. But by me saying that it dries quickly, you will need to blend into the skin as so as you apply, otherwise it can cause it to look a bit cakey or powdery.

The coverage itself is definitely somewhere between medium to full coverage. I’m really loving seeing a reduction in how dark my eye area is. Another cool thing about this concealer is that it can also double up as highlighter and brightener. It comes in really handy when it’s that middle of the day and your wanting a bit of subtle contouring! The concealer comes in 13 shades, ivory, nude, warm olive, deep bronze, etc.

So if your looking for a new concealer, you really can’t go wrong with this offering from maybelline. It has medium to full coverage, highlights and brightens under the eye, it blends really well and is lightweight on the skin, but the best bit of all is that it wont break the bank @ only £8.99.


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