Cooling Beauty Products That Will Help To See You Through The Heatwave

With the mega heatwave that we are currently experiencing atm (and maybe for the foreseeable future, apparently). That’s where cooling beauty products are a great way to beat the heat and remain cool during super hot days, especially for anyone who can’t hack the heat.

Not that I’m complaining. I love the warm temperatures and sunny days, but I would be lying if I was to say that British heatwaves are always smooth sailing – whether you’re struggling to sleep or battling sunburn – trying to navigate out usual lives and throwing 30+ temperatures into the mix isn’t that easy. You may find it hard to decide whether it’s better to work from home and stay in as much as possible or take the sweety commute just to experience the sweet cool relief of the office air-con ( It turns out that office life does have its perks).

cooling beauty products

Whether it’s redness, blotching, sweat or that you simply feel uncomfortable, trying to remain cool, calm and collected with a heatwave, definitely isn’t easy. But keeping your makeup from melting off your face, hair becoming unmanageable cos of the humidity, as well as the creams and lotions only contribute to us feeling sticky. It is completely understandable if your beauty routine is at the bottom of your list.

Nevertheless, what if I told you that your beauty products could lead you to a helping hand? Just like when we swap out our lightweight formula for richer textures for the winter, it makes total sense to make some tweaks to our summer beauty products to hopefully make our lives a little easier.

From refreshing face mists that work great at boosting the glow and levelling out the hydration to icy moisturisers that can be pulled straight out of the freezer (yes, you heard my right…the freezer!) There’s a load of products out there that you can turn to whenever you or your skin requires a breather from the stuffy heat. Consider this your heatwave beauty kit.

The Best Cooling Beauty Products

Clarins | Hydra Essentiel Cooling Cream Gel £36.99

Dehydrated, Dull Skin? Quench From Within New Hydra-Essentiel Cooling Cream-Gel has a light refreshing texture that immediately soothes skin upon application. Protecting skin from the harsh, dehydrating environmental elements and helping to maintain daily moisture levels for a radiant, matte complexion.

Pai Skincare | Schisandra & Ceramide Cooling Eye Serum £39

A power nap for stressed-out eyes. System D is a cooling eye serum that provides instant relief. It also strengthens the skin over time to build resilience against future flare-ups.

Skin Proud Frozen Over – Gel To Ice Hydrator £16.95

Moisturiser by Lottie London A key player in your skincare routine Gel-to-ice moisturiser Designed to hydrate and cool skin Use as a gel or freeze for a slush-like texture Works to instantly cool, de-puff and improve circulation Can be used to soothe sunburn Infused with anti-inflammatory aloe vera extract to calm, soften and hydrate skin Enriched with hyaluronic acid to provide intense hydration and lock-in moisture for a plumped appearance Lemon extract works to brighten and treat hyperpigmentation.

Brushworks | Ice Roller £11.99

Cool and refresh your skin with the brushworks Ice Roller. The stainless-steel roller is ideal for people prone to the look of puffiness and redness, helping to encourage the illusion of a more balanced-looking complexion. Smooth and sleek, the curved roller effortlessly hugs the curves and contours of your face, ensuring no area of skin goes untouched. Finished with a comfortable handle.

Indeed |me-NO-pause Cooling Mist £19.99

Soothe your skin with the Indeed Labs mist, formulated to hydrate and relieve discomfort. Perfect for locking in moisture and targeting dryness, the calming blend can minimise itchiness and sensitivity.


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