Christmas Gifts That Are Under £10.

Gift  Ideas For Men

Old Spice Gift Set – Finding a Christmas for you dad isn’t alway an easy task. Especially when you dad isn’t a person that want or needs anything. But nevertheless, each year i alway make sure to get him a old spice aftershave and deodorant gift set. I brought it from superdrug for £6.50, as it was reduced from £8.50. 

Old Spice Shower Gel – If you don’t like to buy gift set, then your still able to get the old spice individual and for great prices too! i usually buy the old spice shower gel from boots.  

Old Spice Deodorant – If you just want deodorant, then you can get them individuals and you have a choice of 7 different scents. Original, Whitewater, Wolfthorn, Lasting Legend, HawkRidge, Odour Blocker Fresh, Sweat Defence Sport. The only down side to buying individual is the price ranges from £2.65 to £2.99.

Gift Ideas For Women

Lynx gift set – Whether your buying a gift for a friend, sister, mum, daughter or nan, it still isn’t easy. So usually when i stuck for ideas, i tend to opt for simple and practical gifts like; perfume gift sets or shower/bath gifts sets. You can usually find these kinds of thing in places such as; ASDA, Superdrug, Boots. The prices really does depend on what  you are looking for.  

Chocolate box –  Chocolate boxes are great when your struggling for ideas. It’s a great for both kids and adults. What i tend to go for is either, Thorntons, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Tray. Mainly because both my friends and family all like these brand of chocolate. But this year i saw these italian dessert chocolate in my local M&S and thought they would be perfect for a christmas present. Another good thing about these chocolate, is that were on offer for only a fiver….What a bargaining!

Candles – If your family or friends are candle lovers, i would highly recommend getting them Yankee candles. You are able to get them both individually or as a gift set. There is also a variety of scents to choice from. Plus you can also get car air fresheners, wax melts and candle accessories. 

Sweets –  Sweets are a great for an extra gift to someone.  You can also get certain branded sweets packages personalised. How cool is that! Another cool thing about gifting sweets, is finding your friend’s, mum, nan favourite childhood, especially when your can’t widely buy then.

Gift Ideas For Teens:

Selection Boxes – Chocolate selection boxes are a great stocking filler. They are  fairly cheap and your can choice from a wide variety chocolate brands from the likes of; galaxy, cadburys, celebration.

Colouring pencils – If your looking for some stocking filler that won’t cost a lot. there also great for both an adult or kids present. The best to buying colouring pencil is amazon. I purchased a pack of 12 ‘Staedtler  Noris Colour’ for £3.37.

Sketchbook – Finding a gift for a teenager, is probably one of the hardest things about christmas shopping. It can can also become expensive. If they love to draw or sketch then, getting them a sketching book and drawing pencils can be a great inexpensive gift. I’ve found hobbycraft to be the best place to get a sketchbook. I believe to borough one for around £8.00.

EOS Lip Balm – This is definitely my favourite highstreet lip balm product. It’s also organic, which means it contain all natural ingredients. EOS Products are a little pricey for being between £6.00 – £ 7.00, but are great for both small christmas present extra or stocking fillers. 

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