How I Stay Motivated To Blog.

Hiya, I know I’ve only been blogging for about 1 year and bit ….so still a newbie, I still know how hard it can be sometimes to stay motivated to blog. I often have times when I feel super deflated and uninspired with the whole blogging thing and feel like quitting. But I do believe that it’s quite normal to feel like this from time to time, just like you might experience with any job. So today I wanted to share some of my top tips that help me to get my mojo back and keep the inspirational flow going. Whether you are blogging full-time, part-time or just doing it as a hobby – i’m pretty sure some of these tips will help you feel a little less overwhelmed and a little more inspired!

Create, Create, Create

I know that this first tip isn’t anything to do with ‘how to get yourself motivated’, but it does give you a few pointers as to how you can prepare yourself for the unavoidable happen. Cos let’s be honest… everyone at some point in their life’s will experience a lack motivation or feel a little down from time to time – whether it’s to do with overworking, have recently been ill or social media…. Don’t worry, your not alone.  

I find that the best time for me to prepare myself in advance for times when I don’t really feel like blogging is to snap pics, write up content and also jot down notes of blog content ideas when feeling enthusiastic about my blog. I sometimes don’t even have specific ideas in mind, I usually just write down a bunch of different ideas that might go well together and to which I can create a post around. For when i’m really stuck for cute pics, I tend to go round my house and pick up a couple of random bits and pieces, throw them all together along with a cup of coffee and there’s the image – it can be used for all kinds of topics. It’s really just about creating anything when your motivated and using it later on. 

Make A List

As a blogger I find that jotting down post ideas whenever they spring to mind, is one on the most useful things. Whether it’s in a notepad or in my notes on my phone – either way they always come in handy, especially when I’m finding it harder to create content. The notes not only give me ideas of what to write about, they also help to get my mind flowing with more ideas.

Keep Organised 

The key to stay organised is to keep lists… but another effective way to keep your blog organised is to first sort out your office space. My “office” tends to be my bed – so I called it my “soft office”. I just find myself to be so much more productive, plus it’s so comfy to work in, for long periods of time! I have a laptop that is permanently on my bed, so I can start writing pretty much as soon as I wake up or just before I go to sleep. I’ve also got an iPhone that I never go anywhere without, so it comes in handy when I’m out and about or can’t get to a computer. So it means that I can blog on the go – which helps so much to stay motivated. 

I definitely recommend for you to stay organised, especially when it comes to your work space….. whether its at home or on the go, it always helps when your in a rush to find something, because by having lot’s and lot’s of stuff everywhere and not in a specific “home”, you will find it super hard to feel like siting down and getting on with work.  

Seek Inspiration

On odd occasions you may feel a little deflated with blogging or social media and experience a lack of inspiration for your own blog content. This often has to me…. definitely more often than I would like. One of my best tips that I can give you is to use social media to gather together bucketfuls of inspiration – my favourite source is Instagram and Pinterest…. there’s plenty of beautiful and dreamy photographs that’s super easy to save or pin to my boards and will give me pages upon pages of fresh inspiration. Sometimes I don’t feel instantly inspired by it all, so I will pin lots of different photos that I really like, then will come back to them later on or the next day with a fresh and new perspective. I also love to read other blogs as I find it to come in handy when I’m stuck with what to write or how to write something.  

Get Out & About 

Being a freelance you may find that you’ve being staring at the same 4 wall for days and days, without actually realising when your busy – which could actually start to work against you, by leaving you feeling deflated or unmotivated. Something that I have found to be useful is to give myself a break frequently… just like if you work normally where you go out to work – it could be going out for a quick walk, catching up with friends, going round to see your parents, watching TV or reading a book, all of these things can help refresh your mind and give a new predictive on things. 

What do you do when you’ve lost your blogging mojo? 

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