Make The Most Of August.

Heatwaves (better late, than never), pride season and also august promises loads of banks holiday fun – from outdoor cinemas, festivals, camping plans and bbq’s on the beach with lots of 3 for 2 and happy postive vibes.

August has rolled around super quick. How did that happen so fast??

Aug calendar on wall

  1. Make all your plans for outdoors over the bank holiday…..
  2. Knowing full well that it’s going to rain 🙁 
  3. Turn down any invites that doesn’t involve air con.
  4. Lock yourself out or change the password to your online banking, instagram and all of your beauty shopping accounts, as your passwords are weak but your memory is weaker.
  5. Wishing that you were finanically stable enough to support who you really are.
  6. Make yourself a frozen cocktail. It’s adult slushie season.
  7. Midly warm weather, that causes you to spend £100 on new foundation, lunch and houseplants. 
  8. Catchup on new amazon series/films – Cruel Summer, Lochdown, Clarkson’s Farm, Monster Of Man.
  9. Test postive for needing F**king break.
  10. Start to get those Great British Bake Off Flutters.Compare last year’s weather to this year’s. Repeat, every time it rains just like the broken human record!

closeup photography of water drops on body of water

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